Client Success: The Home of the Lumineer Makeover Finds a Complete Media Solution

12.08.2016 Cox Media


Airport Dental is a general and cosmetic dentistry in Pensacola, Florida, providing their patients with quality dental and cosmetic services for the past 17 years. Dr. Bryan Gerstenberg, recognized in the community as “Dr. G,” is well known in Pensacola for changing people’s lives by improving their health and their smiles through services, including dental check-ups and routine cleanings, dentures, implants, “Lumineers,” tooth whitening and restoration, as well as cosmetic procedures like Botox, “Juvederm” and “Restylane.” Dr. G is one of the top three Lumineer dentists in the U.S., and the company is often referred to as “The Home of the Lumineer Makeover.”


Dr. G had always believed in the benefits of advertising, but couldn’t find a single media solution to achieve his main business goals. He needed an integrated solution that would showcase all his services to his target market, while educating them on the importance of dental health and cosmetic services in order to grow an informed customer base. In addition, he wanted a solution that provided Internet presence, a strong focus on metrics and a visible return on investment. Initially, the company relied on advertising through the yellow pages, radio and broadcast TV. However, Dr. G quickly realized Airport Dental needed a cable TV media solution that would separate it from the competition, showcase its beautiful facilities, grow a loyal base and reach its target market. Dr. G believes that “If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a TV image is worth 1 million.”


Dr. G was advertising on broadcast TV when approached by a Cox Media Sales Consultant with a comprehensive cable TV media solution. The Sales Consultant listened to Airport Dental’s main business goals and responded with a campaign that would reach more viewers and could be easily tracked through metrics and a clear return on investment. Dr. G saw the opportunity as a solution for expanding his reach and educating customers. He embarked on an initial 30-second cable TV campaign to his target audience that produced excellent results. He followed this with an online advertising campaign on and the Cox Media Digital Ad Network that gave him 24-7 presence to a captive target audience.

Next, Dr. G undertook his goal to grow and educate an informed and loyal customer base by advertising on Cox Media’s Express Link. Through Express Link, Airport Dental can now feature its services through a dedicated channel that tracks usage and viewer response, while giving Dr. G the opportunity to educate his audience in more detail.


Since starting the Cox Media campaign, Dr. G says he is extremely happy with the implementation and process of the campaigns. “It is so easy!” he says. “I’m happy that my staff is able to handle everything for me using this very simple process.” More specifically, Airport Dental has been gaining seven to ten new patients per week, which totals about 40 new patients per month. About half of the new patients are generated through the and Cox Media Digital Ad network Internet advertising. Thanks to “Express Link,” Airport Dental says its customers are becoming more educated about what services they need before they arrive, making their sale of services even easier to deliver.

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