Tap into the Passion of the Summer Games

05.02.2024 Jessica Sloan4 min

The Summer Games evoke strong emotions amongst a passionate audience. Savvy companies can take advantage of the highly attentive audience, align their business with this global brand, and use messaging aimed at connecting with customers on an emotional level to capture market share. The graphic below outlines just some of the benefits of advertising in the Summer Games.

As we look to the sporting event of the summer, here are a few fast facts about how audiences perceive brands that advertise alongside the Summer Games. These brands see a 49% increase in customer loyalty, a 54% increase in brand differentiation, 39% more relevance compared to competitors, and a 42% higher message memorability when compared to other programming.

Among fans of the Games, brands that support this global event are more likely to be seen as global leaders, standing for something bigger than themselves, caring about their communities, trustworthy, a great place to work, and these fans also claim they feel a stronger connection to these brands.

Your brand can benefit from the “Halo Effect” of the Games. Viewers characterize the Games (and the brands that support them) as patriotic, prestigious, hopeful, inspirational, inclusive, having a positive impact, and more.

Advertising in the Summer Games is a great way to connect with your customers and showcase your brand alongside this positive global event. Learn more about sports advertising opportunities here.


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