Local Webinar: Free Ad-Supported Television

04.11.2023 Frances Mooney1 hr

When it comes to Streaming Television, advertising strategies can vary greatly, and it may be difficult to effectively navigate all the options available to your business. Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV, or FAST, is an increasingly popular, cost-effective streaming service that mimics the ‘lean-back’ experience of linear TV.

The Cox Media Oklahoma-Arkansas market hosted a webinar in which a panel of experts discussed FAST, how it fits in the streaming landscape and how best to incorporate it in your advertising strategy.

In the conversation, Luc Dumont, SVP of Business Development at Madhive; Ria Madrid, Head of Publisher Development and Strategic Partnerships at WURL; Ben Vandegrift, Vice President of Measurement Solutions of VAB; and Alan Wolk, Co-Founder and Lead Analyst at TVREV shared some key takeaways for businesses interested in FAST:

  • With the vastness of FAST content, identifying KPIs and curating custom solutions is key to reaching your business’s goals.
  • FAST provides users premium content with the flexibility of watching what they want, when they want. With that in mind, it’s important to focus on audience behaviors rather than specific networks and dayparts.
  • FAST can provide advertisers a large amount of actionable data, so having a trusted and transparent partner is key to optimizing your campaigns.
  • FAST is part of the larger TV ecosystem and is a great compliment to other video advertising solutions. It’s all about reaching your audience when and where they are watching.
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Frances Mooney is the Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist for Cox Media Oklahoma and has been with the organization for 2 years. Frances is passionate about finding ways to enhance the customer experience, and equip sales and support teams with the tools and resources they need to best serve our clients. She’s always looking for new and unique ways to create excitement around products, programming and initiatives. Outside of work, Frances spends her time caring for her garden and (many) houseplants, taking on DIY projects, hiking, and learning about conservation and sustainability.

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