2023 NCAA Football Season

06.20.2023 Jessica Sloan2 min

With dozens of games in action across the country every week, NCAA college football offers a wide range of advertising options that range from national audiences to regional and local viewership—making this sport a great opportunity for small businesses eager to advertise around live sports events.

Although a handful of championship and marquee college football games draw more than 10 million viewers per contest, many other games are broadcast live every weekend in the fall across a growing number of cable TV and streaming services. In addition to live sports mainstays like ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, and CBSSN, most college football conferences now have their own cable channels and associated streaming services—including SEC Network and the Big 10 Network—that televise conference games to a national audience.

In 2022, ESPN reported that its average college football broadcast attracted more than 2.2 million viewers, underscoring the broad ad inventories available across the full slate of college football games. From cable TV and streaming ads to second-screen campaigns on social media, Cox Media’s advertising experts can identify valuable inventories and digital ad strategies that fit your company’s advertising goals.

2023 NCAA Football schedule:

  • Saturday, August 26: Start of NCAA football regular season on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, FS1, CBSSN, ESPN, ESPN2, and more
  • Friday, December 1-Saturday December 2: NCAA conference championship games on ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, and CBSSN
  • Saturday, December 16: Start of NCAA bowl season on ESPN, ABC, ESPN2, and CBS
  • Monday, January 1, 2024: College Football Playoff semifinal games on ESPN
  • Monday, January 8: College Football Playoff championship game on ESPN

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