2023 NFL Season

06.20.2023 Jessica Sloan2 min

The 2022 NFL season ended with a bang as more than 113 million TVs tuned in for Super Bowl LVII, where the Kansas City Chiefs mounted a second-half comeback to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35. The instant classic was a showcase for America’s most popular sport, with the broadcast ranking as the third-most watched TV program in history.

Across the season, NFL games averaged nearly 17 million views per viewing window, with additional unmeasured audiences tuning in via streaming services. These prime advertising opportunities are becoming even more advantageous as the NFL expands its broadcasts across additional channels and OTT services. Streaming services like Prime Video, Peacock and Paramount+ are getting in on the live sports action, while new products like ESPN’s ManningCast are creating new types of viewing experiences that come with their own ad inventories.

Despite the massive audience the NFL season draws, small businesses can find cost-effective media and other advertising opportunities around these live sports events. From cable TV and streaming ads to second-screen campaigns on social media, Cox Media’s advertising experts can identify valuable inventories and digital ad strategies that fit your company’s advertising goals.

2023 NFL schedule:

  • Thursday, August 3: Start of NFL preseason on NBC, NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, FOX and Prime Video
  • Thursday, September 7: Start of NFL regular season on NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, ESPN, NFL Network and Prime Video
  • Saturday, January 13, 2024: Start of NFL playoffs on NBC, Peacock, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and FOX
  • Sunday, February 11: Super Bowl LVIII on CBS and Paramount+

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