3 Consumers to Engage in a Mobile Environment

08.11.2016 Cox Media

Staying Connected to the On-the-Go Shopper



It’s no secret – consumers are mobile. Not only are we constantly moving from place to place, but we rely heavily on our mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to keep us connected as we’re on the go. Whether we’re looking at news, weather, social media or email, we’re locked-in and deeply dependent on our mobile devices to keep us informed. The evolution of mobile devices (and what they can do for us) forms a key turning point for how advertisers can increase their reach. Let’s talk about the variety of consumers you’ll likely encounter with your mobile content. Here are three examples:


1. The “I’m Always on the Run, but My Inbox is Up-to-Date” Consumer

These folks never have more than handful of unread messages. Not only that, but this person likely checks their inboxes several times a day (if not several times per hour). This type of mobile device user is highly reachable through email marketing. You might not get quality face time or phone conversations from this busy bee, but you’ll likely gain their attention if you can routinely appear in their inbox, with engaging content, of course! This user may also be a no-frills type of consumer. If you don’t want to them to unsubscribe, make sure to keep your messaging relevant, concise and valuable. With email marketing, quality is better than quantity.


2. The “I Use Social Media for Mental Breaks” Consumer

This person lives in all (ok, most) of us. Have you ever met anyone who checks their social media accounts the second they wake up in the morning and scroll through their Twitter or Instagram feeds to coax them to sleep at night? What about those who go straight for their phones in moments of waiting – in long lines at the grocery store checkout, doctor’s waiting room and more. This person needs to be connected! They are likely on-trend, in-the-know, and likely host a plethora of knowledge containing everything on the spectrum from pop culture and music/entertainment to world news. Social media platforms have also proven themselves to be fantastic for marketing. Whether you create your own advertising content and promote through your company’s handle, are endorsed by fellow users, or let your organic posts speak for themselves, social media allows your advertising reach to expand to audiences that you may not have connected with otherwise.


3. The  “I Do All of My Shopping Online” Consumers.

This consumer values time and convenience – and likes to do their research. Most importantly, this is a consumer that values access. The advertising for your product or service must be mobile-friendly for you to attract and retain this consumer! In other words, your website must have a mobile-friendly version that provides the full content a consumer needs to quickly and effectively evaluate your business. Ever considered making a mobile app?  Mobile apps provide excellent short-cuts for consumers looking to save time. You might even encourage patrons to use your app by offering special discounts (Hello, Starbucks!). So once you’ve locked that customer in, make sure to direct them to your app by making an offer too good for them to refuse.  These savvy shoppers will no longer have to browse or bookmark your site- again, since your app will save them time (and money!).


These are just three examples of the many “types” of consumers actively engaging with mobile devices throughout the day. One thing is certain – incorporating mobile into your advertising strategy is the first step to reaching them all. Check out this infographic to see a “Day in the Life of a Smartphone User,” or use this tool to see what next mobile steps are best for your business.




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