3 Re-Marketing Best Practices for Your Small Business

07.27.2015 Merrie Beth Salazar

One of today’s emerging marketing trends is “re-marketing”— reaching out to re-engage consumers who have previously interacted with your brand. Re-marketing creates additional touch points that build lasting relationships with customers and move them deeper into the sales funnel. 

Since we at Cox Media are fortunate to have relationships with some of today’s marketing thought leaders, I talked to Sujan Patel, a digital marketing expert and VP of Marketing at employee scheduling app When I Work, to get his insights into best practices in re-marketing. 

A regular contributor to publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. and Entrepreneur, Patel believes content marketing is key to success in business today. In fact, he’s so passionate about the power of content marketing that he founded Content Marketer to make promoting content and developing relationships easier for businesses. 

Content marketing is a powerful tool in your re-marketing arsenal, says Patel, who suggests three primary tactics: 

1.    Re-engage using email content. “Email is by far the best way to connect with your prospects and customers on an individual level,” Patel contends. “[Create] content for a variety of different email campaigns that you can send to your customers [throughout the customer lifecycle] in an effort to welcome them, upsell them, loop them into a new funnel, inform them about new products and services, thank them for their business or re-engage them after they’ve left.”

2.    Re-engage using blog content. It’s important for blog content to offer real value to your customers, such as solving their problems. “Write blog posts that answer real questions and address real pain points, and make sure to include strategic call-to-action statements that ultimately loop people back into your funnel,” says Patel. 

3.    Re-engage using social media content. “Similar to blogging, the content strategy here is to provide value to your followers,” Patel explains. “Make their lives easier [by] posting helpful updates and resources, and by authentically engaging with people — answering their questions, listening to their feedback and making sure they know you are willing to help them. When you humanize social media marketing in this way, you have a much better chance of successfully re-engaging people.”

Whatever type of marketing tactic you use, know that customers value authenticity and have become skilled at recognizing it. That makes digital video, with its inherent immediacy and storytelling ability, a powerful tool for promoting an authentic business message. “My biggest piece of advice when it comes to video is to tell stories,” Patel says. “Create original videos that tell stories, pull at heartstrings and address pain points. Highlight your products and services in ways that your customers can relate to as human beings. Don’t be cheesy — be creative!”

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