3 Things to Consider When Implementing a Re-Marketing Strategy

07.09.2015 Cox Media

What exactly is re-marketing, and why is it important? 

For starters, re-marketing is a strategy that expands the relationship with existing customers and helps strengthen brand recognition and loyalty. As consumers, we like options! So, with so much inevitable competition, what makes your store, your brand, or your service stand out among the rest? It’s important to stay fresh and relevant to your customers so that when their needs arise, your business is the first to pop into their heads.


Here are a few tips to take full advantage of your re-marketing strategy:

1.    Drive Loyal Customers to Return

It costs more to attract new clientele than to retain the customers you already have. So what happens when your new clientele haven’t fully bought in to your product or service? It’s time to remarket. Remind your customers not just about the why and how you can deliver what they need, but also why they should keep coming back for more. Consider implementing a customer loyalty program that incentivizes return visits and additional purchases. Several businesses ranging from car washes to waxing salons and even restaurants are implementing loyalty programs to keep consumers engaged, excited and returning for more.


2.    Time Your Message to Fit Customer Needs

Timing is everything – you want to be the first thought in customers’ minds so they turn to you instead of your competition. Suppose you have a customer that comes into your store or visits your website regularly, and generally always purchases the same product(s). Wouldn’t it be great if you could send that customer a notification or email blast reminding them that it’s time to replenish – and that your store is the best place to do it? You can! You could even consider offering a volume discount or a coupon for their next purchase.

Or, let’s say you notice a customer always buys office supplies from your store, but is not loyal to a particular brand.  You may consider sending out an email blast with specs on your updated inventory or complementary products that might catch that customer’s eye. Not only will your customer appreciate the ease of not having to browse for additional merchandise, you also have a greater chance to increase your current and future sales.


3.    Keep Your Message Customer-Focused

This may seem obvious, but don’t forget that your re-marketing message should be customer-focused. Keeping your brand message at the center of your customers’ minds is key to retaining their business. The power of word-of-mouth even enables you to gain additional customers through your loyal clientele. Your message should hone in on what the customer needs (using systems to track purchases or searches on your site is a great way to do this). It should also appeal to the customers’ feelings – think about how you want customers to feel about your brand, and cater your message with that in mind. This is where having excellent customer service and a helpful, knowledgeable staff comes into play – those two components are vital in achieving this goal!


Interested in learning more about re-marketing? Check out this Q&A with industry experts on re-marketing strategies and how to apply them. 

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