4 Advertising Tips for Law Firms & Legal Services Providers

06.11.2020 Cox Media

During periods of crisis or economic turmoil, demand for certain types of legal representation increases. Both individuals and businesses may require consultative services to handle complex and unprecedented issues around employment, housing and/or landlord-tenant law, and a wide range of financial services.

These challenges are further complicated by a public health crisis that limits face-to-face interactions and other traditional methods of interacting with clients and potential clients. Law firms are seeking strategies to both maintain a steady flow of incoming work, while also positioning their business to capitalize on increased demand for their services.

If you’re trying to put together a marketing and advertising strategy in a pinch, here are four strategies that could help your legal services business stand out.


When potential clients are looking for representation, your firm can give itself a boost by using digital channels to showcase your expertise and specialization. Consider taking time to improve your website content, including through blog posts and informative videos that offer basic legal guidance to individuals facing legal challenges.

Blog posts can then be shared through social media, email newsletters, and other channels to engage past, clients and future clients who may have a need for your services. You can also speak to specific challenges individuals and businesses may be facing as a result of the public health crisis and/or economic instability—and then position your firm as a trusted partner to address those legal issues.


Law firms depend on the ability to build trusted relationships with their clients. This can be tougher to achieve when public safety protocols restrict the ability to meet with clients face-to-face.

Fortunately, video conferencing can provide a similar interaction with those potential clients. Video conferencing is often preferred to phone consultations and meetings because it can improve communication and give your clients a greater sense of familiarity with the people handling their legal matters.

If you’re a legal firm that often handles repeat cases from certain individual or business clients, such as a real estate law office, you might consider setting up “virtual coffee” sessions with those clients to touch base, find out if there’s anything they need, and keep your firm top-of-mind if legal issues arise in the future.


Disaster situations create high demand for pro bono legal services across a wide range of specialties, from employment law to medical malpractice, to landlord-tenant law and beyond. Pro bono work is an important resource for community members in need that might not be able to afford representation on their own. But if your law firm is new or struggling to attract new clients, this can be a useful strategy for building up your business and your community presence through a service effort.

Use your available time and resources to connect with community members in need and provide legal counsel for whatever issues they may be facing. Encourage online reviews from those customers, and even consider highlighting some of their stories in your own advertising materials. This creates a win-win for everyone: Expert legal guidance for those in need, and digital ad content that can help build your firm’s reputation.


To ensure your law firm is visible to clients seeking representation, it’s essential that your business build an online presence through a number of digital advertising channels. Many clients seeking representation will look to online search and online reviews to find reputable legal services in their area, so your firm should invest into search engine optimization for your website, as well as paid search campaigns. Encourage past satisfied clients to post reviews of their experience online.

Meanwhile, get active on social media, and consider using social advertising to target ads to individuals who have posted about legal issues or concerns to their accounts. This can be a great way to drive referrals to your firm and expand your outreach to a new client base.

Managing an advertising strategy on top of other day-to-day business concerns can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the personnel or resources to put campaigns together on your own. Whether you need a comprehensive advertising plan or just someone to help talk through your marketing goals, our team of experts are here to help.

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