4 Ways Your Ad Agency Can Maximize Success by Working with a Media Partner

02.04.2021 Alyson Phillips

Advertising agencies depend on their ability to cultivate close relationships, and build advertising success, for the local businesses they work with. To provide excellent customer service, and deliver ROI that makes their services worth the investment, these agencies sometimes need to reach beyond their own brick-and-mortar or virtual walls to access specialized services and capabilities they can’t provide in-house.

A media partner can provide access to these resources to improve your own clients’ experience. From expansive ad inventories to powerful local ad analytics, and even specialized creative production services, this partner can help you address service gaps and provide more comprehensive service to your clients.

Here’s a look at four different ways a relationship with a media partner can strengthen your clients’ experience.

1. Leverage Local and Channel-Specific Expertise

As a local agency, you already have familiarity with the challenges, opportunities, and competitive landscape of the competitive market. But in an era when clients want a data-driven approach that maximizes their ROI potential, it’s important to offer robust analytics and data-driven insights that expand your local knowledge, going beyond the surface to identify unrealized opportunities to reach your target audience.

This expertise also needs to be applicable across the full spectrum of advertising channels. This can be a challenge for local agencies, especially smaller operations with limited staff. Between cable TV, digital video, digital audio, social media, online search, display advertising, and other digital and traditional ad channels, it may be difficult for your agency to promote expertise across all of these domains. A digital partner can supplement your own in-house brain trust, providing you with resources to truly claim expertise across all advertising channels.

2. Outsource Production Elements You Don’t Offer In-House

For production-intensive services like TV ad and digital audio production, it isn’t always feasible for ad agencies to offer these services in-house. Yet these services may be critical for some of your clients. By working with a digital partner, you can expand the scope of your services without adding staff or stretching your current workforce thin.

3. Improve Your Access to Cable TV, Digital Video, and Other Ad Inventories

Access to ad inventories is crucial to connecting your clients with ad opportunities that align with their audience targeting goals. But access is more than just the ability to purchase ad space: It’s also about the research, analysis, and filtering tools you use to identify prime opportunities, improve cost efficiency through targeted advertising, and evaluate performance to understand ROI and stretch the clients’ advertising dollars.

When you work with a digital ad partner like Cox, you get access to valuable data that can help you target ads more effectively through available ad inventories. This is especially useful when dealing with digital video or cable TV, where ads can be targeted according to audience demographics and past viewing histories, in addition to geographic targeting according to designated market areas and/or ZIP codes.

4. Optimize Your Ad Strategy Faster

Through data-driven analysis, A/B testing, and other insight-driven processes, agencies can take the baseline performance of a client’s ad campaign and increase ROI through incremental refinements and optimizations to that strategy. Adjustments to marketing mix, keyword strategy, audience targeting, geotargeting, and other elements of an ad strategy can all produce the gains in performance your clients expect over time.

But identifying opportunities to optimize can be time-intensive, and the process of A/B testing and other methods of optimization can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for a local agency. Digital ad partners can support this work by leveraging innovative technology, in-house expertise, and more robust performance data to identify and implement optimizations faster.

This reduces your own agency’s operational waste and accelerates the timeline for helping clients push their ad strategy to new heights.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a digital ad partner—contact us today to learn more.

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Alyson Phillips

Alyson is the Director of Marketing at Cox Media’s corporate offices in Atlanta. With a background in journalism and over a decade of experience in brand marketing, she has a passion for connecting brands to their customers through powerful storytelling. In her role, she’s responsible for amplifying the Cox Media brand in the communities we serve nationwide – whether through advertising, thought leadership, or the customer experience. When she’s not working, she’s chasing around her twin toddlers and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

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