Addressing Several TV Advertising Myths & Opening the Door to Local Businesses

11.04.2015 Dan Glicksman

3 Questions You May Be Asking Yourself As A Local Business Owner
Ask almost any local business owner who is not advertising on television and they’ll tell you they know they should be advertising on television, but for a variety of reasons and often misconceptions, they aren’t doing it. Related to this are some questions below I often hear:


1. Can I really afford television advertising? Doesn’t it cost too much for a local business?
Yes, your local business can afford television! If you ask a random person off the street how much they think a 30 second TV commercial cost, chances are the only basis of comparison they have is what they hear yearly about the price tag on 30 seconds for TV during the Super Bowl. They couldn’t be more wrong – in fact, if you talk specifically to Cable TV, the real cost for a 30 second TV ad resembles something closer to what it costs to fill your car up with gas… and we’re not talking hulking SUV here either. Click here to find out more specifically about rates on channels like ESPN, Lifetime, CNN, USA, TNT, Food Network and others.


2. Television is television right? I already spoke to local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox stations and it seems cost prohibitive for my local business to buy such a large area.
Many business owners make the unfortunate error of assuming that once they’ve spoken to the local broadcast stations, that they have a pretty firm grip as to how TV would or would not suit them. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t really open up to them until they consider Cable TV as:

  • With Cable TV, you may not have to broadcast to the entire city, but instead a smaller zone around they physical location of your business. So if you are a single location restaurant for example, and you derive your business from a tight radius – cable television is likely the better choice.
  • Cable TV gives you the ability to hone in on your target customer. Own a kitchen supply store – then perhaps the Food Network is right for you. Run a bike store – then advertising during bike-related programming (like Tour de France) on secondary sports networks on Cable is probably a great start. And say you went to your local NBC affiliate asking to advertise on NBC Sports – as strange as that may sound; you won’t get that channel unless you go with Cable TV. Outside of ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – there is a plethora of places to go to get to your key demographics – and it starts with your local Cable television options.


3. I actually don’t know who my typical client is, or anything around their demographics – so why would I even go to television?

Great news – the networks are absolute stars when it comes to assisting you when it comes to profiling your business. Working with a Cable TV consultant, you’ll tell the networks what your business does and where you do it, and they’ll reverse engineer a list of TV networks and programs that cater to the folks most likely to ring your cash register. There are not many, if any advertising mediums out there that can hold a candle to Cable TV when it comes to this type of partnership!

So whether you are a local HVAC company looking to get your message out before the busy summer season, or you are a medical practice looking to draw from a population close to your office, or a legal company with a high specialization in something like estate or divorce law – Cable TV should be an option your local business should look into.

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