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In an ever-evolving advertising landscape, the power of screens — namely television, computer and mobile — has always been critical for any business to understand. But now, more than ever, it’s crucial that local and small businesses understand the power of leveraging these screens together in creative, cost-effective ways. It’s about making your message work across all three screens — to any customer you want to target, at any time you want to reach them, and anywhere they may specifically be. For this reason, we bring you four “Screen Synergy” trends that you can realistically build into your 2017 marketing and advertising plan.

Whether you own a local HVAC company, a pizzeria, a credit union with several locations or anything in between, we promise you’ll find this list of advertising trends beneficial for finding customers in 2017.

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TV Is Still The Powerhouse

Despite the many types of entertainment options we have at our disposal, television remains Americans’ favorite way to consume content. On a single day last year, 75.7% of adults were reached by broadcast and cable TV — more than any other option.3 Because of this reach, more and more advertisers are turning to cable television, in conjunction with or instead of broadcast. With affordable prices and an array of targeting capabilities, including geography and demographic, cable TV advertising should still be a top choice for local businesses seeking to spread the word.

The average U.S. adult spends
4.5 hours watching television each day.


Advertising in Action:

Start with Cable

Reach thousands of viewers affordably with cable TV advertising. You can target viewing audiences based on demographics, location, interests and other factors, at prices that won’t bust your budget — even during primetime.

Learn how one local business has increased business almost 40% advertising on cable television.



TV and Digital: A Winning Combination

Today’s typical buyer journey begins with a television ad that sparks awareness and drives viewers to a mobile device or laptop to learn more, redeem an offer or make a purchase. Some 82% of businesses see an increase in website traffic after investing in television advertising.5 Combining television advertising with more narrowly targeted digital advertising on computers and mobile devices multiplies the impact of each, giving you more bang for your buck.

66% of people use their smartphones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.


Advertising in Action:

Maximize Reach and Impact with Multiscreen Engagement

Include a call to action in your television ad to drive customers to your website. Then add digital advertising to your mix, targeting prospects based on prior search behavior, location, website visits or purchases.

Discover more ways to tie television and digital advertising together.



Engage in the Moment

Mobile advertising has become increasingly sophisticated in its targeting capabilities, reaching customers in creative ways wherever they may be accessing a mobile device. Geofencing allows businesses to serve up ads in a defined area. Geotargeting narrows down your potential audience by mixing location and demographics. Then, consider geoconquesting, which targets potential customers at your competitors’ locations.

1 in 3 smartphone users have purchased from a company other than the one they intended because of information provided in the moment they needed it.


Advertising in Action:

Micro-Target with Mobile

Put this three-pronged approach into play with your local business. For example, a salon can geofence near an upscale shopping center where people buy evening wear; geotarget to narrow the audience by demographics such as age or gender; and geoconquest by serving up ads near their competitors.

See how to capture attention when it matters using mobile ads delivered to consumers as they evaluate your competitors.



Get Personal with Customers

Social is how connected consumers of all ages learn about businesses and share recommendations. Thirty-nine percent of shoppers said social media ads and posts at least somewhat influence their purchase decisions, and 76% noted that they have learned about a new brand or product on Facebook8. Your prospects spend so much of their time on social media, you can’t afford not to be there, too.

39% of shoppers said social media ads and posts at least somewhat influence their purchase decision.


Advertising in Action:

Enhance Results with Social

Use social media advertising to engage with prospects one-on-one in an environment they enjoy. But why not go beyond the basics? Sophisticated social media advertising tactics such as remarketing, which serves consumers ads based on their past online behavior, can amplify your cable, digital and mobile advertising presence at an affordable price.

Learn how to better connect with your audience through social media.



Profit from Today’s Trends

Today’s consumers use multiple platforms to discover and research local businesses. By creating an advertising campaign that works across all of those platforms — from television to desktop, from tablet to smartphone — you can build awareness for your business, boost your brand profile and make the sale. That’s advertising smarter.




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