Advertising for Local Jewelry Businesses: You’re Golden with a Multiscreen Strategy

12.15.2020 Cox Media

These days, local jewelry and watch shops face tough competition from large sellers like Tiffany’s, Amazon, Overstock and other online discounters. How can independent jewelry shops compete with these behemoths for local customers who need an engagement or wedding ring, or other special gift for a loved one?

The good news is 55% of jewelry shoppers prefer small, independently-owned businesses.1 At surface level it may look like David versus Goliath, but it’s really about getting customers in your store so they can experience your great prices, selection, and special services to earn their loyalty and future business.

You can easily outsmart those Goliaths with a well- integrated advertising strategy, making your business golden to reap 24-karat sales during the holiday season, but more importantly, year-round. You need to connect to consumers with emotionally compelling advertising, including visual ads that build brand awareness and woo local customers away from the “giants.” Here are a few ways to take your messaging to the next level across different media channels.


What’s more emotional than buying an engagement ring, a gold cross for your daughter’s First Communion, or a beautiful necklace to celebrate a milestone birthday? Television has the unique ability to create an emotional connection with viewers, so it’s an ideal advertising medium for jewelers.

TV also lets you target a very specific audience based on location, demographics and more. It lets you to tell a visual story and build local brand awareness for your store. For example, you can capture your local bridal crowd with ads on wedding-oriented shows like “Say Yes to the Dress.” You can attract women ready to buy their own statement pieces with ads on “The Real Housewives” or “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.” You may think cable ad spots are priced out of your league, but they’re not. (In jewelry terms, think “cubic zirconia,” rather than “diamond,” when it comes to cost.)

Did you know 82% of brands say spending more on TV advertising leads directly to more website traffic?2 It attracts viewers to your website with special offers like a free gemstone appraisal, watch repair, or percent-off coupons. With smartphones or tablets, people watch (87% of TV viewers!)and learn more about your customer service, expertise and unique services, like refurbishing antique pieces or creating custom designs not found at chain stores. And, the right media partner can help you create compelling TV and video advertising, showcase how enjoyable and gratifying it is to shop at your store for all occasions.


With many big competitors, online video and display advertising can help you stand out online by putting your ads in front of consumers when they are searching for products and services you offer.

Let’s say a prospect searched for keywords like “wristwatch,” “custom jewelry” or “jewelry repair,” or visited jewelry or wedding websites. Your video ads can be served before any video they watch, and your display ads can pop up as they continue to surf the Internet.

Beside ads, you can create “explainer” videos sharing tips on topics like how to choose the perfect engagement ring, how to measure your ring size, or how to care for pearl jewelry. Since 46% of all videos are viewed on a mobile device4,, make sure your video looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a big-screen TV.

It’s not difficult to spread the word with online video. Your media partner (like Cox Media) can give your business a polished look while also helping you make the most of your video budget. We can also plan a professional shoot, edit the footage shot for your TV commercial into online video ads, “explainer” videos, social media videos, and more. With social distancing regulations in place, we can help you virtually as well.


Social media is a way to target and reach niche audiences, like couples seeking customized wedding bands, Hispanic parents looking for quinceañera jewelry, or single women celebrating a promotion.

With 79% of adult Internet users on Facebook (76% logon daily)5, social media is an excellent ad medium. Also, don’t overlook Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – these options can get your ideal customer’s attention with gorgeous photos and videos of your jewelry.

Social media can also encourage your customers to share their personal stories, like wedding proposals. For example, you could post questions to engage consumers, such as, “Ladies, ever bought yourself a diamond? Tell us about it.” You can then comment to their responses by mentioning your diamond jewelry as a great “self-gift” and then offer a discount and consultation for visiting your store.


The average smartphone owner touches their phone 2,617 times a day6, so mobile advertising is a sure way to get your local business noticed. “Geo-fencing” lets you target geographically and reaches consumers within a certain distance of your business. You can get their attention with discounts, rewards or other incentives, like a free ring cleaning for visiting your store.

During highly competitive jewelry seasons, like the holidays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, take it a step further with “geo-conquesting” mobile advertising. Your mobile ads are displayed to consumers when they visit or are nearby other jewelry stores or department stores with a fine jewelry section in your area. Depending on your ROI, you might consider extending geo-conquesting throughout the year to customers who visit local florists, lingerie stores, or card stores, indicating they may be shopping for a gift and are in the market for buying jewelry.


The right combination of TV, online, social and mobile advertising can be a real gem for your jewelry business. Contact Cox Media online or call 1-855-755-2961 to speak with our local advertising specialists in your area.

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