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12.01.2016 Cox Media


Diffee Ford Lincoln is a family owned and operated automotive dealership for new and used Ford and Lincoln make vehicles in El Reno, Oklahoma, just west Oklahoma City. Owner Vick Diffee opened the dealership in 1954 and manages the business with the help of his two sons. For the last six years, the dealership has employed the help of Linda Cook and her advertising agency, Linda Cook & Associates.


Since acquiring the Diffee Ford Lincoln account, Linda has been able to provide the dealership with more customized, effective advertising solutions through various mediums. She has always factored in a strategic plan using cable and is drawn to the fact that cable offers a wide variety of programming that fits the preferences of every one of her advertisers. Cable’s offering of key programming that viewers tend to watch in real time has always appealed to Linda, such as sports, news, specials and top programming. These cable opportunities are exactly what her agency looks for to help solve many of her advertising challenges.


Linda is noted for saying, “Cable is basic common sense.” She points out that any time she is out in public where a television is on; it is always tuned to a cable network. She also mentions that when people talk about their favorite shows, they are almost always on cable. So, when considering advertising solutions, Linda naturally focused on the advantages of working with cable and working with Cox Media. Cable has provided Linda with the targeting and frequency she needs to get in front of Diffee’s audience at the right place and the right time. With cable, Linda could effectively adjust Diffee’s advertising mix to meet its monthly budget. When Linda encounters clients with limited budgets, Linda strongly recommends cable only. She recognizes that cable provides the highest return on their investment and provides her clients with an incredible value for their advertising dollars. Partnering with Cox Media gave Linda the additional benefit of access to quarterly Agency Reviews and monthly top programming updates. Linda now had insights into better solution selling to help clients like Diffee focus on specific target markets. Linda also took advantage of the promotional support and guidance provided by the Cox Media team, who helped her identify the targeted programming that Diffee and all her clients need. Over the years, Linda has developed a trustworthy friendship with her Cox Media consultants and a solid relationship with Cox’s Marketing and Client Solutions team. Linda now relies on the knowledge and expertise of the team to help make strategic recommendations to all her clients, including Diffee.


Linda continuously creates customized solutions for Diffee and has included cable in her media mix on every plan. Linda uses cable and other select mediums to target her audience. Although Diffee plans to divert more funding to its dealership expansion in 2013 and cut back on its advertising budget, they have decided not to decrease the market share of advertising that Cox Media receives. The benefits they receive from the targeting and variety that is available with cable, as well as the relationship Linda has with the entire Cox Media team, makes it extremely difficult to reduce the market share of Diffee’s advertising budget that cable receives.

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