Behind the Screens: Meet Field Sales Support & Marketing Manager Candace Ortiz

07.27.2023 Frances Mooney3 min

Welcome back to ‘Behind the Screens,’ a monthly blog series in which we introduce members of our Cox Media team and share their stories.

This month, I was joined by Candace Ortiz, Manager Field Sales Support & Marketing. We discussed her role in YurView, and how she and her team find unique and creative ways for businesses to leverage YurView to engage their local communities.  

Candice Ortiz, Manager, Field Sales Support & Marketing

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who you are, your background, and how long you’ve been with Cox Media?

My name is Candace Ortiz, and I’m the Senior Manager of Field Sales Support and Marketing for YurView. I’ve been with Cox Media for eight years. I started my media career in radio, supporting the sales team and had a lot of different opportunities to learn. We had lot of client offerings outside of traditional spots – remote broadcasts, events, sponsorships, many different types of client activations.  Working in radio is when I discovered where my interest and passion really lies: providing innovative, sponsorship-based and integrative opportunities to clients.

You recently shifted positions to the Yurview team – congratulations! Can you share what YurView is, and how it fits into the context of Cox Media?

YurView is Cox Media’s owned and operated network, and we use our platforms to not only provide impactful content to our communities, but we also offer our clients opportunities to integrate advertising messages into that content in unique ways.

Can you tell me more about your role within YurView?

My role is to support the Cox Media and YurView teams across our footprint, by gaining insights from across the country to develop best practices, share ideas, and drive success.  I lead a team of passionate and creative individuals – they work in partnership with Cox Media’s local sales teams and clients to best integrate their messaging into our content within in our local markets.  Sometimes that looks like sponsorship elements in a particular program and sometimes that looks like creation of longform video content, maybe a segment in a show we produce, or a 30-minute special.  My role is to ask – ‘How we can take an idea or success from one market and develop it to scale and drive success nationwide?’

What are some examples of the way clients can leverage YurView for these unique opportunities?

We supported a client once who had a super creative idea to film a musical during the pandemic. Since there were actors and actresses in the community without work during this time, the client wanted to not only support them, but provide something fun for their community and tie it to their brand.  From production support, campaigns to promote it, and of course, airings of the musical across our linear and streaming platforms, YurView was leveraged to help bring this great idea together!

Travel and Tourism is an industry we’ve been able to successfully leverage with the value of our production services and platforms to create long form content and distribute it across the country.  There are hidden gems in all our backyards and what better way to feature these things than with the stunning visuals and storytelling that video can provide.

Wow! So, we just over halfway through 2023, which is hard to believe! What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the year, and going into 2024 with Cox Media and YurView?

We have a great opportunity ahead of us with GameTime, a campaign centered around local sports. Specifically, fall means high schools sports are returning, and it’s one of those things we do every year that really brings the community together in many of our markets and provides a great value and a unique community tie for our clients. I know it’s exciting to me as a parent to an athlete!  For many of these kids, these are the best years of their lives, and for us to be able to showcase their games and matches and really highlight what these school programs are doing is impactful, and really speaks to the way we serve our communities.

We also have a wide range of Hispanic Heritage Month programming coming up that I’m excited about. Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity is a huge focus for us at Cox, and that’s reflected in the unique programming we’re offering our communities.

My last question is: if there was one more thing you would like clients to know about Cox Media, what would it be?

Cox Media provides an unparalleled amount of support to clients.  From research, strategy, creative production services, and campaign development to post campaign support.  We’re truly a one stop shop with experts available to serve in each of these areas.  

The level of support, unique opportunities, and people that we have, not just from a Cox Media standpoint, but even on an enterprise level, we can do some really unique things to serve our clients and help them drive success, whatever their goals are.

Thanks so much for talking with me, Candace! We hope you enjoyed our conversation about YurView and its compelling, community centered programming.

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Frances Mooney

Frances Mooney is the Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist for Cox Media Oklahoma and has been with the organization for 2 years. Frances is passionate about finding ways to enhance the customer experience, and equip sales and support teams with the tools and resources they need to best serve our clients. She’s always looking for new and unique ways to create excitement around products, programming and initiatives. Outside of work, Frances spends her time caring for her garden and (many) houseplants, taking on DIY projects, hiking, and learning about conservation and sustainability.

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