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06.26.2024 Frances Mooney4 min

Welcome back to ‘Behind the Screens,’ a monthly blog series in which we introduce members of our Cox Media team and share their stories. Read on to learn more about the people who work together to make Cox Media your ideal media planning partner.

This month, I was joined by Kim Webber, Marketing Manager in Cox Media’s Northeast Region. We discussed the unique opportunities and benefits the Summer Games can bring to advertisers.

Kim Webber, Marketing Manager, Northeast/Virginia

Thank you for chatting with me today! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background?

My name is Kim Webber, and I am the Marketing Manager in the Northeast, and I also support the Virginia team in a marketing role. I’m in my 25th year with Cox – I started in 1999, working in the call center taking sales calls for five years. So, I know what it’s like to work directly with customers. From there I held a couple roles in residential marketing. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with Cox Media on several events and initiatives – that’s when I met the team and worked with clients, which I really enjoyed. Eventually a role opened with Cox Media, and that’s where I am today.

Outside of Cox Media. I’m also the marketing chair for the WICT Network’s New England board.

Congratulations on 25 years! Can you describe your role and how you help clients succeed?

A big part of my role is internal and external communications and the development of sales collateral and packages for our media consultants. I also do a lot of event planning and helping manage a variety of sponsorships we may have with clients.

Since I’m not working directly with clients, I help our media consultants, in developing media planning and advertising opportunities that will help our customers reach their target audience and align with their business goals through impactful programming, sports packaging.

Many of us know that the Summer Games are just a few weeks away. The Games are unique in many ways – but what are some differences between these and regular sporting events?

Of course, the Summer Games only happen every four years, whereas traditional sports occur annually.

As the world’s foremost multi-sports event, the Summer Games showcase remarkable athletes from around the world and captivate viewers of a vast and diverse audience.

A key thing to consider is that some of these viewers aren’t typically drawn to sports programming, which gives businesses a unique opportunity to spread their message further and reach more potential customers.

That’s a great point about capturing traditionally non-sports viewership. Are there other benefits for businesses interested in aligning their brands with the Summer Games?

Yes. The Summer Games on Cable includes over 1400 hours of programming, covering 39 sports and 329 events, and billions of viewers are expected worldwide.

The Games also evoke strong emotions to a passionate audience that can help businesses build deeper connections with viewers. Businesses also benefit from the ‘halo’ effect, where businesses who advertise in the games can be perceived as patriotic, prestigious, and trustworthy by viewers and potential customers.

You mentioned the billions of viewers worldwide, but, are there advertising opportunities for businesses that like to localize their messaging to their communities?

There are! We have assets available for local athletes to help promote the Summer Games, so if you have local athlete in your market, our media consultants have materials that our clients can leverage in their advertising strategy. Everyone likes a hometown hero.

This is a fun question: do you have a favorite Summer Game event?

So right now it’s gymnastics – I remember watching Mary Lou Retton in the 1984 games – I was a young gymnast and watching her was so inspiring. With that said, breakdancing is making this debut this year, which could become my new favorite.

So my last question is if there is one thing you want clients to know about Cox Media, what would it be?

You have a team of experts with many years of experience across media planning, creative, and marketing ready to help with their advertising campaigns. We’re going work with you to truly understand your needs and create custom-designed solutions within your budget.

Thanks again, Kim! If you want more insight into the 2024 Summer Games, check out our Insights Blog.

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Frances Mooney is the Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist for Cox Media Oklahoma and has been with the organization for 2 years. Frances is passionate about finding ways to enhance the customer experience, and equip sales and support teams with the tools and resources they need to best serve our clients. She’s always looking for new and unique ways to create excitement around products, programming and initiatives. Outside of work, Frances spends her time caring for her garden and (many) houseplants, taking on DIY projects, hiking, and learning about conservation and sustainability.

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