Behind the Screens: Meet Marketing Strategist Drake Glatter

04.26.2022 Frances Mooney

Welcome back to ‘Behind the Screens,’ a monthly blog series in which we introduce members of our Cox Media team. This month, I was joined by Louisiana’s Marketing Strategist, Drake Glatter.

We discussed the importance of teamwork to create the best client outcomes. We also talked about how his experience in education is still helping him with his role today.

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Drake Glatter, Marketing Strategist, Louisiana

Thanks for chatting with me today, Drake. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and how long you’ve been with Cox Media?

Sure thing. My name is Drake Glatter, and I was raised in the Bayou in Delcambre, Louisiana, a town in Southern Louisiana. I’ve always been a lover of short films and used to make YouTube videos – and even Myspace it its heyday. I originally attended film school, but condensed storytelling really called my name, so I made the switch into advertising.

I continued my education, getting my Master’s in advertising, and I teach introductory advertising courses at Tulane University in New Orleans. After working in the industry for eight years, I recently celebrated two years at Cox Media as a marketing strategist. I love the people, the projects, and the passion. We’re always looking ahead.

Could you dive into your role a little bit as strategist, and give a little bit of information on what exactly that is?

The fun thing about strategy in our industry is that it allows you to take different avenues when solving marketing challenges for our clients, and we do it through whatever means necessary.

In a nutshell, every client is different. One day I could be crafting the perfect message to cut through advertising noise or working with our production team to execute the best creative possible. Other days, I am deep diving into consumer trends and media insights and crunching first party data to ensure the correct advertising tactics are being used to reach a clients target audience.

You can also find me digging into the back end of a client websites – updating their code or ensuring tracking pixels are working correctly to measure campaigns. Strategy really extends beyond just products and placements these days. It requires a comprehensive look at a client or brand’s entire marketing ecosystem to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Excellent. You really covered of the depth and breadth of what you can do for current clients. Can you describe how you may interact with prospective clients or businesses who may be thinking about partnering with Cox Media?

Working with prospective clients is one of my favorite parts of the job. There’s such a variety of people in industries that we work with as potential clients. The first meeting really requires an understanding of the client’s knowledge level of advertising. This could be the client’s first time running an advertising campaign, and they could be unsure of the endless possibilities available to them. Or, the client could be an experienced media buyer looking for exactly the right product in a certain niche.

I really enjoy teaching, so I love the opportunity to educate newer clients in advertising basics – from compelling calls to action to understanding customer journeys. Debating with experienced media buyers and digging into the extreme details that can come with advertising in 2022 also leads to fun discussions.

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about how clients have a team behind them at Cox Media. We know that they interact a lot with their sales consultant, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes for them. What does it mean to you to have a team behind the client?

Anytime I hear someone mention Cox Media having a team available for their client, I always like to remind them that yes, they do have a team that will actively be helping them, but beyond that, we also have an extremely large bench.

It’s true that all Cox Media clients have a team behind them, but I think it’s honestly more than that. I collaborate with team members not just locally, but across the country, with various skill sets to develop cutting edge solutions and operate as a brain trust. We all leverage specialties across markets to help our clients. We are all in the trenches together, working to deliver results for our clients, anywhere they may be. So, when I say Cox Media has a deep bench, I mean deep.

That’s awesome. So, keeping with your sports metaphor, can you give some examples of different players that clients may interact with or benefit from?

Regularly, all of the strategists across the country get together, and we chat about various industries that we’re seeing success with. We see what solutions are doing extremely well in other markets and if we can replicate them in our own.

But it doesn’t stop there. If I ever have an issue with finding a certain piece of data or struggling with an Excel document, I can lean on out-of-market analysts. I’ve even collaborated with Vice Presidents and colleagues on the corporate team, developing specific solutions along with improving our education and processes to deliver a better client experience.

The last question I have for you is: if there’s one thing you’d like a current or future Cox Media client to know, what would it be?

The one thing I would really want to know is that there is no advertising or marketing problem too big or too small that our team can’t solve. Every day I rotate between projects that are targeting extremely precise areas – sometimes even a single ZIP code— to others that are canvassing an entire state or region. No matter the audience, we have the research and tools to reach them and the most effective way possible.

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Drake, and for all you do to serve our clients! We hope you enjoyed our conversation about how our diverse team of experts collaborate across the country to bring you the best advertising solutions.

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