Cleaning Services: How to Reach Education Facilities Who Need You Now More Than Ever

08.11.2020 Cox Media

While the debate over sending kids back to school continues across the nation, many school districts and counties are developing plans and protocols to safely bring teachers, students, and other staff back to school in the fall. Between public and private schools, as well as the ongoing needs of daycares, preschools and learning centers that are open for business, the demand for professional cleaning services is higher than ever.

For local cleaning companies, this wellspring of demand is a big opportunity. With the school year quickly approaching, there’s little time to waste in crafting advertising that connects with schools and childcare centers as they seek out effective, safe cleaning solutions for their facilities in the weeks and months ahead.

Whether your cleaning service has experience working in schools, or you’re trying to expand into this industry to help address the unprecedented need for third-party cleaning companies, your engagement strategy should include a comprehensive advertising plan that delivers the right message to your target audience. Here are four tips to ensure your messaging hits the mark with the school and childcare center leaders.


Consistent, quality cleaning will be the top priority of any school or childcare center hiring a cleaning services vendor to work in their building. Given the current state of the public health crisis, your business should promote thorough cleaning protocols that follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces.

Mention these guidelines specifically in your messaging, since this will be a key phrase many school leaders are looking for. You can also highlight your additional safety precautions, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for your cleaning crew to minimize the risk of contamination by those individuals.


If you have a reputation in your local community, call it out in your messaging. This is especially important if your cleaning services business has served schools and childcare centers in the past. Highlight the number of years you’ve been in business, the number of businesses you serve in the area, or even your high reviews earned through online review websites. The more you can establish a strong reputation through your messaging, the more likely your audience will be to quickly view your business as a quality service that may be the right fit for their needs.


Schools and childcare centers may know they have a need for an outside cleaning service, but they may still be in the process of defining those specific needs, either in terms of the scope of their service requirements, the length of time they will require those services, or other considerations.

To meet the needs of these potential clients, your business should emphasize its ability to create custom cleaning services for each of your clients, accommodating the timelines, cleaning schedules, and scope of cleaning sought by these institutions. As school and childcare center leaders sort out their upcoming plans, they may gravitate toward cleaning services that can be easily plugged in to address whatever needs they may have.


School leaders are under intense pressure to develop reopening plans that keep their teachers, students and staff safe. To that end, they need full confidence in any cleaning service they hire to provide professional, consistent service that follows CDC guidelines and minimizes the risk of exposure to anyone walking the halls of their building.

Cleaning services should strive to craft advertising messaging that is both confident and reassuring. Looking for help to quickly build a successful ad strategy? Contact us today—we’re ready to help.

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