Client Success: Converting New Patients at a Lower Acquisition Cost for an Arizona Healthcare Provider

02.10.2023 Sara Brasfield3 min

Advertising can help healthcare organizations reach new audiences and grow their patient base, but a high cost-per-conversion can limit the amount of growth these companies are able to achieve.

The more it costs to acquire a new patient, the fewer conversions you’re able to afford within your advertising budget. This was the situation faced by one Arizona medical provider: despite its efforts to attract new patients through its ad campaigns, the organization was struggling with poor results and high costs for those conversions. Google’s compliance requirements enforced for healthcare companies further complicated these advertising efforts.

In response to its own disappointing results, the Arizona medical provider reached out to Cox Media for help.

The Goal

After struggling to drive ROI from its own Google paid search campaign, the Arizona medical provider wanted an advertising partner’s help in designing campaigns that could build a pipeline for new patient referrals and conversions. To increase its conversion rate within the limits of its advertising budget, the client also wanted help achieving new ad efficiencies that would lower its overall cost-per-conversion.

As part of this optimized approach, the client was eager to drive referrals from several different sources in hopes of increasing its conversion volume and identifying incremental ways to make its ad strategy more efficient. All of these goals needed to be achieved while following applicable healthcare compliance rules.

The Solution

To grow the client’s inbound referrals to increase its conversion opportunities, Cox Media developed a multi-channel digital ad strategy that combined mid-funnel video ad campaigns with low-funnel paid search advertising, as well as website retargeting to enable ongoing engagement with prospects who had demonstrated an interest in the provider’s services.

Video ads were targeted to online users who had viewed content related to the medical provider’s healthcare offerings. Meanwhile, the client’s past paid search campaign performance provided insights that Cox Media’s team used to optimize its new paid search strategy, putting the client in position to increase its conversion rate through this tactic.

The Results

Over an initial two-month campaign period, the Arizona medical provider achieved the following results:

  • A 1.8 percent increase in YouTube ad view rates;
  • An 11 percent month-over-month increase in new users;
  • More than 419 inbound calls referred by the campaign;
  • A 13 percent increase in inbound phone calls, and an impressive 108 percent increase in website phone call referrals;
  • An overall paid search conversion rate of 2.8 percent;
  • A 20 percent decrease in the average cost-per-conversion, resulting in $11.40 spent to add each new patient.

With higher referral volumes and an impressive conversion rate for its paid campaigns, Cox Media succeeded in driving new patient growth while lowering the cost of acquisition. This increased patient volume, combined with the insights generated through testing and optimization, have positioned the client to enjoy increased revenue generation while making it easier and more affordable to add more patients over time.

Eager to achieve similar advertising results for your local business? Whether you’re a healthcare provider or another local organization, Cox Media’s experts can help you create a winning ad strategy aligned with your organization’s goals.

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