Client Success: Driving Ticket Sales and Revenue for a Local Aquarium

07.15.2022 Sara Brasfield3 min

Many entertainment venues offer experiences that appeal to both tourists and residents on the search for local activities. Local aquariums are a perfect example, depending on a mix of tourists, locals, and special events such as school field trips to achieve attendance numbers and revenue that support the organization.

Advertising plays a direct role in those revenue generation efforts—especially when attempting to reach and convert prospects who don’t know about the destination and its offerings, or who may overlook this venue when considering their local entertainment options.

When one local aquarium decided to increase its ticket sales and revenue through digital advertising, it reached out to Cox Media for help in developing a cost-effective campaign that would support its business goals and deliver a strong return on investment.

The Goal

The local aquarium’s advertising goals were easy to quantify and measure: it wanted to create digital advertising that generated revenue in the form of ticket sales—particularly online ticket sales and related transactions, such as memberships and product purchases.

Increased attendance at the aquarium was a natural byproduct of these financial goals: if the number of tickets and memberships purchased were to increase, the aquarium’s on-site foot traffic would also rise. Increased foot traffic would then clear a path for additional on-site purchases, including food, drink and gift shop transactions—all of which would generate revenue and increase the value of the venue’s digital ad campaigns.

The Solution

With the client’s goals in mind, Cox Media developed an advertising strategy that incorporated multiple channels and layers of targeting to reach a relevant audience whose interests aligned with the aquarium’s offerings. This approached centered around addressable geo-fenced campaigns that delivered advertisements to households with young children whose entertainment interests suggested they would enjoy the aquarium.

These ads were delivered across all devices in a household, across multiple digital channels, and were tracked using a geofenced conversion zone at the aquarium to measure foot traffic referred by those ads. Meanwhile, Cox Media’s experts utilized Google DV360 to connect with families across display and video channels.

Cox Media also employed Amazon targeting to deliver ads to parents whose Amazon shopping history included views and purchases of products indicating a likely interest in the aquarium. Website retargeting was also used to continue engaging consumers who visited the aquarium website but left before buying tickets.

The Results

Cox Media’s multi-channel strategy delivered instant, “off the chart” results for our client, exceeding expectations and proving advertising’s value as a revenue-generating activity. The client reported the following results:

  • A 10 percent overall growth in revenue;
  • A 16 percent increase in e-commerce ticket sales;
  • Sustained demand for in-person entertainment as parents seek experiences outside of the home

This rise in revenue and venue foot traffic delivered a valuable boost in consumer activity right when local audiences were most hungry for new experiences. This gave the local aquarium a golden opportunity to showcase its unique experience and strengthen its reputation in its community, setting the stage for repeat visits from satisfied families.

Looking to increase attendance and engagement for your entertainment venue. Cox Media’s experts can help you plan and launch a digital ad strategy aligned with your business goals. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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