Client Success: Increasing Local Awareness of Non-Profit Pandemic Assistance and Support Services

01.28.2022 Sara Brasfield4 min

When the full force of the pandemic’s disruptions swept the country in March of 2020, millions of individuals across thousands of communities faced new challenges and hardships ranging from economic and food instability to restricted access to essential services.

With local demand for non-profit assistance and support at record highs, one Arizona non-profit developed a specific pandemic response program to assist local residents facing new challenges brought on by the pandemic. This program quickly faced challenges of its own in balancing its mission of direct relief with the need to leverage advertising and marketing to reach its target audience—especially since the new program was unfamiliar to residents facing a new need for its support.

The non-profit organization turned to Cox Media for assistance in maximizing its advertising budget to reach local residents while also committing as many resources as possible to delivering relief through its community-based outreach.

The Goal

Facing an urgent local need and a tight timeline for engaging audiences and delivering results, the Arizona non-profit needed help to develop effective ad campaigns that could be deployed in the community as quickly as possible.

The organization’s top goal was generating awareness of its pandemic assistance services among a local audience where those services would be facing a great need. This included promoting the full range of services and assistance offered to residents, including emotional support services and educational services as residents navigated an unprecedented public health emergency.

The non-profit was aiming to release a one-month initial campaign, with the option of extending that ad campaign if the results justified the cost.

The Solution

To increase awareness and referrals among local residents in need of assistance, Cox Media developed and launched a multi-channel campaign that utilized TV advertising, paid search, display, social media and digital video to reach the target audience through diverse ad channels.

Cox Media’s award-winning production team also developed a TV commercial to appear in cable programming across both linear cable and streaming TV services, including YouTube. Social media relied on messaging aimed at increasing engagement and organic reach, while search retargeting kept the non-profit’s services top-of-mind among search users submitting relevant queries for local resources and support.

This retargeted audience included individuals who had visited the non-profit’s website but left without making a conversion.

The Results

After generating strong referral and conversion results within the first month of the campaign, the non-profit organization opted to extend the campaign by an additional two months. The continued success of this campaign led to the organization extending their advertising relationship with Cox Media further, as the non-profit extended the ad campaign even further beyond that three-month campaign period.

Within the first four months of the campaign, the non-profit reported the following results:

  • A total of 766 referred inbound calls;
  • More than 5,500 ad campaign engagements;
  • More than 21.1 million impressions served to the target audience;
  • More than 3,000 new appointments scheduled for the non-profit program.

Thanks to this sustained success and advertising ROI, the client is looking forward to extending its partnership with Cox Media on additional campaigns.

Find out how Cox Media’s advertising services can help your non-profit fulfill its mission—contact us today to learn more.

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