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10.30.2015 Merrie Beth Salazar

5 Ways To Boost Sales By Reaching Consumers On-The-Go

The use of mobile devices before or during in-store shopping trips influenced or helped to convert approximately $970 billion in sales in 2014, making up 28% of all in-store sales, according to research from Deloitte Digital.

The vast majority of U.S. consumers access at least one (usually more than one)  digital tool throughout their researching and buying journeys, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Because of this, businesses that view online sales as separate from in-store sales are actually missing the big picture. After all, digital influences about half of all U.S. transactions in some way and according to Deloitte, by the end of this year, digital channels will influence $2.2 trillion in brick-and-mortar retail sales.



Lokesh Ohri, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital, discussed these topics in the recently published Retail TouchPoints 2015 E-Commerce Outlook Guide. He offers these tips for businesses to align digital marketing with your company’s marketing goals:

  • Understand the new purchase journey. The sequence of steps in the customer journey can be distinct, but they aren’t always linear. Consumers go back and forth between channels and touch points as they make their way through the buyer’s journey. Make sure they’re able to find what they’re looking for, both in-store and online.
  • Determine what part of the customer journey you want to own. Whether it’s inspiration or customer service, many innovative companies are setting out to “own” specific parts of the customer journey. Here’s an example: Mobile apps have been a hot topic for retailers, but many companies are finding success by first referencing the customer journey. Consider how mobile can add value to the customer experience in your industry and for your target customers first, and build from there.
  • Think beyond sales. Consumers look to brands that share helpful advice and inspire trust. Approach online tools the same way you approach the rest of your marketing: Create what customers want and need, and tie your efforts back to your brand.
  • Leverage your physical assets. Focus on nearby consumers, and employ the digital tools and tactics that will engage shoppers and build store-based communities. Geo-targeting is one way to engage with customers who are nearby and more likely to visit your location.
  • Learn from the pure-plays. In this context, we’re talking about online-only retailers like Birchbox, who focus on one particular product or service. These companies are great at meeting consumer needs. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, they rely on partners to handle things like delivery and customer service. That leaves them free to focus on very specific areas of the customer journey.


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Lokesh Ohri is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital, where he focuses on defining and implementing innovative customer engagement and growth strategies. Visit Retail TouchPoints to read more of his insights about digital marketing.

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