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08.07.2017 Cox Media

How to Help Your Business Get Your Share of the Tax Return Market



Today, 44% of Americans go to a tax preparer for their taxes including 49% making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. For those making $100,000 or more, that number jumps to 66% who use a tax preparer. Clearly, the potential is there because it’s a marketplace ripe for your tax preparation business. But what do you need to do to get your share of the tax return market?

With plenty of competitors jockeying for business, including some of the industry’s largest tax preparers, you might feel like David against Goliath — armed with only a slingshot. Have no fear because with a well-planned strategy, you can hit the mark and woo business away from the tax preparation “giants”.

Read on for some great ideas.


TV, mobile and online advertising gets your tax business noticed.

As a small or local-based tax preparer, it’s not just important for your business to advertise; it’s important that you advertise smarter. That means, put the power of TV, mobile and online advertising to work for your business (Click here for zoned TV pricing one market advertised in 2017 – you’ll likely be very surprised by the numbers). This three-screen approach brings awareness of your business to your local market and helps consumers keep you at the top of their minds for tax preparation services both today and in tax filing years to come.


Happy returns by advertising with Cox Media.

While TV still remains the best investment for creating awareness, online opportunities abound during tax season.  As people are doing online search for tax preparer services, research on respective tax matters and even preparing online returns, an online display or video ad featuring your local business can motivate them to directly seek your assistance. For instance, you could direct a video ad to people who fit a specific demographic, location and/or if they’ve been on competitive tax preparation sites.

Plus, with consumers spending two-thirds of their screen time on mobile devices, mobile is an essential place to reach potential customers. Location-based mobile advertising allows you to geographically hone in on parts of your local market and deliver timely offers and messages that speak directly to potential customers in proximity to your location. Take a look at this example.


Bottom line – with TV, online and mobile advertising working for you, you can target and capture the audience you want across multiple screens and devices for your tax services.

No doubt, when you put the power of TV, mobile and online advertising to work for your business, it gives you a competitive edge. It’s very effective, giving even the smallest tax preparers the ability to compete in their local marketplace – against the “giants”.

Find out how Cox Media can help your tax preparation business this tax season. One or more of our advertising solutions could be just the right fit for your goals.  Contact us at 1-855-755-2961 or CLICK HERE for one of our media consultants to contact you with additional information.


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