Get Creative With Your Creative: 5 Ways to Use One Video to Market Your Local Business

08.27.2019 Cox Media

Get Creative With Your Creative

5 Ways to Use One Video to Market Your Local Business

Twenty years ago, video production for ad campaigns was very costly, and the potential uses were pretty limited.

The digital age has changed everything: Not only are there numerous different channels to publish video ads, but the production costs are lower than ever. And with thousands of video production studios catering to advertising and other forms of video content, talent is as accessible as it’s ever been.

Businesses with video advertising ideas face fewer barriers than ever when looking to create video ad campaigns of their own, and they have plenty of incentive to get in on the action: according to Forbes, roughly 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be driven by video content by the year 2021.

If your business sees potential value in video but is worried about the cost and complexity of creating video ad content, there’s no reason to fear: by working with the right partner and outlining a strategy for economical video production, you can maximize your ROI by creating video ad content and repurposing it across multiple channels. Here are five simple ways to re-use advertising video to get the most from your advertising budget.

1. Create a Short Video to Play on Your Website’s Home Page.

Video content is a great way to relay information to an audience in a quick manner. And video also serves as a great format for fulfilling top-of-funnel marketing goals, which makes it a perfect type of content to feature on your company’s home page.

According to HubSpot, 80 percent of marketers have found that video on their company website has increased consumer dwell time. This video won’t drive conversions on its own, but it will build brand awareness and hopefully encourage site traffic to engage with other content on your company’s website.

2. Produce a 15- or 30-second TV Commercial.

TV advertising may be a traditional channel, but it still has a big impact on influencing consumer behavior. According to Inc., enterprise brands continue to see great returns from their TV ad spending, and they believe the combination of digital marketing campaigns with TV advertising can increase the value of those TV ads.

While TV ad inventories are one of the more expensive ad channels available to brands (though, not as expensive as you may think!), certain ad-buying opportunities can increase the value and ROI of these ad spots. If you’re already paying to create video ads for other channels, it often makes sense to use some of that content to create TV-specific advertisements.

3. Cut a 15-second Video for Online Video Pre-Roll Advertising.

While the specific ad may differ from your ideal TV advertisement, pre-roll ads (the videos before the videos) for online videos are a cost-effective way to engage a digital audience.

Video platforms are experimenting with a wide range of ad products to increase revenue opportunities and boost engagement with online video viewers, but pre-roll ads remain a safe bet for brands: According to Marketing Land, YouTube’s success with pre-roll ads has led the company to experiment with increased use of this advertising product.

Brands should create digital ads for pre-roll exposure to consumers, and use analytics and experimenting to refine their targeting strategy and build a list of best practices for better results.

4. Publish a 15-second Social Media Video.

Videos are hugely popular on social media. Roughly 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day, while other social platforms are discovering that video is the best type of content in terms of driving engagement with other social users. As Recode notes, more than half of Twitter’s advertising revenue comes from video ads. eMarketer reports, on the other hand, that engagement for videos on Instagram grew 53 percent last year, outpacing engagement rate growth for video content.

Overall, a study from Brightcove found that video generates 1,200 percent more shares than video and text content on social media. Whether you opt for paid video advertising or simply share video content to your brand’s social accounts, the channel’s potential ROI is too great to ignore. Repurposing video content for social sharing will pay dividends in driving engagement, keeping your brand top-of-mind with your audience, and increasing the ROI of your video ad strategy.

5. Create a Looped Short Video to Play in Your Waiting Room or Lobby.

The digital video experience doesn’t have to be limited to consumer devices and Internet marketing channels. Digital signage in a waiting room or lobby is a simple way to create ad content that engages with your audience in a physical location.

This signage is relatively low-cost and can improve a prospect’s perception of your brand, and it requires little effort on your part as marketers and advertisers. While the specific ROI resulting from this campaign may be hard to measure, the upside is well worth the effort.

Creating a multi-faceted video strategy may seem overwhelming, but the right advertising partner can help you turn these video advertising ideas into an efficient, cost-effective advertising strategy. A good partner can assist not only with creating an online video and TV advertising strategy, but they can provide creative and production services to help you turn this vision into a reality.

The value of video advertising has never been higher. The time to embrace this opportunity is now.

With Cox Media, you’ll get more out of your advertising investment with a media partner who can do all of the above and more. Advertising, corporate video production, client testimonials, training videos – you have a story to tell, we can help create it. Contact us online or call us at 1-855-755-2691.

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