How an All-in-One Media Partner Can Simplify Your Advertising Efforts

02.06.2020 Alyson Phillips

When you’re running a small business, advertising can be a constant source of headaches. Yes, advertising is a vital part of your business—especially when you’re trying to establish or grow your presence in a market.

But advertising can also be complicated and time-consuming. If your role isn’t solely dedicated to managing ad strategy, it can overwhelm you with daily demands and inhibit your ability to effectively advertise the business.

How you manage these ads can make all the difference. While it may seem advantageous to use a number of different ad platforms and tools to optimize spending and access to features, this decentralized approach to ad campaign management can quickly become impractical for a small or mid-sized business.

By contrast, an all-in-one approach – with a trusted partner – offers a streamlined option that simplifies business advertising and offers additional benefits to improve ad performance and alleviate the stress of these all-important tasks.


You may run different ads on a number of different advertising channels, but they all have some relation to one another. Some of them are pursuing the same goals and customer segments: An established retail store, for example, may want to increase awareness of its new maternity line among local mothers and mothers-to-be.

These advertisements work together to create multiple touches with prospects, all in hopes of warming them up and turning them into paying customers. As a result, it’s smart to have them managed side-by-side to ensure that the timing of ad exposures, and campaign dates, are all aligned with your intended advertising strategy.

When these campaigns are spread across multiple platforms, it creates more work for business leaders, and also increases the risk of ads being out of sync. By putting everything in one place, your ads can be properly coordinated, which optimizes your ad spending and can improve overall performance results.


One of the benefits of most advertising channels—especially regarding digital ad campaigns—is that you can adjust budgets and data on the fly, based on early results.

If social media campaigns are generating much lower engagement than expected, for example, you can pause the paid campaign and adjust your messaging, targeting or other elements to improve results. Meanwhile, if those social campaigns are struggling but your digital video ads are far exceeding expectations, you may choose to divert money from your social media budget and support increased digital video outreach.

When social media and video are managed on different channels, maneuvering these adjustments is difficult—and oftentimes impossible, if you want to make those changes immediately. An all-in-one ad solution is different, making it easy to adjust your marketing mix in a pinch. With a more agile ad strategy, you can deliver greater value to your company.


The strength of effective advertising is built around data-driven insights that guide strategy enhancements over time. Given the digital nature of most modern advertising, businesses have access to data points on a scale they’ve never enjoyed before. This raw data can then be used by analytics tools to identify trends and other insights that can strengthen your ad strategy going forward.

Compiling this data isn’t always easy. Different ad technology may have integration limitations that gets in the way of sharing and analyzing data. A single ad platform centralizes this data and makes it easy to funnel through an analytics tool, ensuring your ad performance results can be used to identify opportunities for growth.


Overwhelmed by your advertising options? Unhappy with your advertising results? When you’re managing advertising across many different platforms and services, you’re more or less on your own. But joining forces with the right media partner means you’ll have an expert (or team of experts) ready to help at all times – from developing your strategy to understanding and analyzing campaign results, and back again. 

When you’re a small business, it doesn’t make sense to overwhelm yourself or your staff with the daily demands of advertising. Consider an all-in-one approach to make better use of your business resources, as well as the benefits that come with comprehensive ad campaign management.

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Alyson Phillips

Alyson is the Director of Marketing at Cox Media’s corporate offices in Atlanta. With a background in journalism and over a decade of experience in brand marketing, she has a passion for connecting brands to their customers through powerful storytelling. In her role, she’s responsible for amplifying the Cox Media brand in the communities we serve nationwide – whether through advertising, thought leadership, or the customer experience. When she’s not working, she’s chasing around her twin toddlers and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

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