How Can AI Marketing Tools Help You Grow Your Business?

10.31.2023 Sara Brasfield4 min

Artificial intelligence is everywhere right now: at least 7,000 unique tools have already made it to the global market, and countless more are on the way.

In a little over a year since AI technology went mainstream, businesses have been eager to embrace tools that improve a wide range of processes while empowering individual workers and teams with newfound capabilities. From project management to creative services to business analytics, AI tools are everywhere.

Whether they’re valuable, however, is another question altogether. In the rush to bring AI tools to the market and capture a customer base, too many of these AI tools are half-baked and limited in their functionality, resulting in tools that claim the use of AI but are plagued by frustrating blind spots when it comes to delivering value for their users.

Make no mistake: certain AI tools for marketing can be a huge benefit to your business. But it’s important to remember you’re working with tools, not magic bullets. The most valuable AI marketing tools are ones that provide a specific solution that addresses a common pain point and frees up professionals to focus on more important tasks.

That said, here are some of our favorite use cases for using AI in digital marketing.

Content Editing and Optimization

Today’s AI tools leave a lot to be desired when it comes to writing original content—especially if you want that content to embody a voice and tone that fits your brand. Maybe that day will come—but we’re not there yet, unless you have a need for generic, keyword-stuffed content.

But AI content marketing tools offer a lot of benefits when used to spot grammatical errors and optimize content. Tools like Grammarly can check the grammar of your content and even help you improve the quality of your writing by spotting instances of passive voice and letting you know when your vocabulary is too complicated for your audience.

Other AI tools can be deployed to boost your SEO efforts and even optimize internal linking across your content. And AI content tools can be helpful when it comes to brainstorming topics, social posts, and even experimenting with different tones of voice in display and search ads.

Enhancements to Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing can involve a lot of testing and optimization to identify the best practices for engaging your subscribers. A number of AI email marketing tools are available to accelerate this testing and improve the quality of your email insights and strategic decision-making.

Various AI email marketing tools can help you improve the quality of your subject lines, identify the best times of day to send emails, optimize the frequency of your emails to maximize email open rates, and improve the personalization in your email copy. That’s just the start of the possibilities.

You still need someone to create the email and put these insights and efficiencies into action, but AI tools could quickly lead to better ROI for your email efforts.

Productive and Project Management

A number of AI-powered tools may not be specifically designed for digital marketing purposes, but they offer services and capabilities that address critical limitations that affect marketing tasks—especially in cases where employees are constantly overloaded with work.

Productivity and project management tools can use artificial intelligence to streamline certain tasks and processes that are menial in nature or burdensome to manage on your own. Zapier is a popular tool used by small businesses and marketers to coordinate tasks and automate processes.

Other AI tools can improve your scheduling and calendar management, manage your small business budget, and provide other services that streamline the time demands of small business marketing.

How to Use ChatGPT for Marketing

ChatGPT may not be ready to create full blog posts, video scripts and other content for your business, but there are still several ways to use ChatGPT for marketing your business.

Some of the most effective use cases include:

  • Powering a chatbot for your website. ChatGPT can be used to generate auto-responses to customer messages sent through a chatbot feature. You can create a large number of auto-response options for this chatbot, or just a handful depending on how much interaction you want the chatbot to offer. You can test out different prompts and see how ChatGPT responds to fine-tune its messaging and get the kind of results you’re looking for.
  • Lead generation. ChatGPT can incorporate personalization into chats, emails and other communications to improve your lead gen efforts without increasing your workload.
  • Ideation for SEO and other content. While it’s not as good as a specialized SEO tool, some businesses may find ChatGPT useful in performing some quick, cost-effective keyword research to optimize their web copy and their paid ad campaigns. At some point, you’ll want to invest in professional SEO services by a reputable provider, but this ChatGPT’s AI digital marketing capabilities could be a useful stop-gap in the early days of building your business.

AI tools can be a valuable part of your small business marketing strategy. But they’re no substitute for your teams – or the industry expertise, specialized skills and strategic planning offered by a small business marketing consultant.

When your business joins forces with a digital advertising partner, your brand can reap the benefit of innovative tools placed in the hands of experts who know how to drive positive ROI from digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

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