How to Advertise to the Hispanic Market in Your Community

08.27.2019 Cox Media

Is the Hispanic market an important one for your business to reach? The fact that 18% of the US population is categorized as Hispanic means that most businesses – like yours – consider this a significant demographic, and what you’re doing for advertising now may not be enough.

Earlier this year, Forbes released an article titled “Six Facts About the Hispanic Market That May Surprise You”. In the article, they called out stats and, when presented together, should make any advertiser pause and reconsider their options.

A striking number pointed out in this article is 56% of Spanish-speaking Hispanics said that they were more loyal to companies that advertise in Spanish – so the question is, are you making a connection with them? If you just had a panic moment because your company drops most of their advertising budget on something like local broadcast news – never fear, there are great options that  better reaches this audience.

So, what can you do now to change your marketing strategies to reach Hispanic audiences?


Cable Television Networks are Popular Among Hispanic Viewers

The advertising branch of your local cable company (like Cox Media) can get your business on networks that are popular with the Hispanic market, such as, Univision, ESPN Deportes (Sports), Fox Deportes, CNN en Espanol – the list goes on. Work with your local provider to build or adjust a message that is bound to garner brand loyalty and bring in the customers you are looking to reach.


Digital Advertising Reaches Hispanic Users

Another statistic presented in the article found that Hispanic users spend nearly 10.5 hours a week using the internet on their smartphone, compared to the overall average of 8.4 hours. Bottom line – if you are skipping out on digital advertising when it comes to reaching the Hispanic market, you may be skipping out on building your brand and reaching your potential customers as well.

Increase customers today by…

Aligning your TV advertising with digital. Use the creative originally produced for a television commercial for online video viewing as well. An effective multi-screen approach with consistent messaging is bound to improve your brand awareness with the Hispanic audience and give you a greater chance of getting your business into the conversation when a need for your products or services arise. Contact Cox Media to learn more.



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