How to Break into a Career in Digital Media

08.26.2015 Amber Kapish

Is a career in Digital Media right for you?

As with any industry, a career in Digital Media requires a certain skill set and specific factors that should be considered before you submit your resume or job application. Over the next two weeks, we will discuss a four-part recruitment blog series, beginning today by discussing what makes up the ideal digital media candidate. 


1. Be Ready and Willing to Learn

The digital space is constantly growing and continues to become increasingly competitive for potential job seekers. The industry requires candidates who have a passion for the digital space and a strong desire to never stop learning “what’s next.” It’s easy to stay on top of industry news by following major digital marketing sites and influential people on social media. 

Examples: eMarketer, Mashable, Ad Age, HubSpot and Social Media Examiner.


2. Start Networking

The best advice I was ever given was, “surround yourself with people more talented than yourself.” The network of individuals you meet will become your network of support if you ever run into problems or inspiration if you want to share ideas. I have had numerous calls with peers just to seek their feedback on a campaign our brand was thinking about running. In-depth workshops and lunch and learns in your community are a great way to meet other industry professionals while sharpening your current skill set. The most relevant thing you can do as a digital media employee is to stay connected to what’s trending in the digital world. 


3. Build Your Personal Online Brand

It’s important that as you begin to apply for roles in digital media you create an “online brand” for yourself to highlight your dedication to the digital space and your general interest. If you want to demonstrate to an employer how much you can build a brand’s online influence, start by showcasing how well you can build your own. Take the time to develop your LinkedIn profile, social media channels, or even a personal blog (if this is something that interests you). Don’t overthink the content itself, but instead focus on the ability to create influence and connections within the online and social media space.


4. Narrow Your Skill-Set

If you are trying to break into the digital media world, it’s best to have a specialized focus. Companies are looking for individuals with specific skill sets to help with their digital media needs. Find what you enjoy doing most and make this the center of your focus. You can study anything from SEO and social media, to online advertising, etc. Just be sure you have a defined skill set and feel comfortable labeling yourself as an “expert.” A well-balanced mix of both tactical knowledge and strategy expertise will equip you for nearly any digital media position. You will likely be getting to do a mix of both. 


5. Learn to Love Metrics

That’s right. With a background primarily in social media, I didn’t realize how much analytics played a part in the role. However, understanding how to track metrics effectively is everything you need to prove you are adding value to the brand and that the execution plan you have created is actually working. Any role in digital media is more technical and data-driven than many of us marketers like to admit. It’s going to be more impressive to a potential employer to share the return on ad spend from the last campaign you ran verses the creative concept you developed (don’t get me wrong, creative is very important too). However, at the end of the day you are being hired to create a return on investment and produce results for the business. 


Looking to put these skills to the test with a career at a successful media sales organization? Cox Media is always looking for top talent to join our team. Learn more about job openings and potential career opportunities here.

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