How to Buy Cable TV Advertising

04.05.2018 Cox Media

Television Advertising for Your Local Business, Simplified

For any local business considering what to do with their advertising budget, television is undoubtedly a consideration – there  isn’t another medium that is more trusted and engaging. But many assume everything involved from start to finish could add up to be a monumental task – something very far from the actual truth.

That’s why we’ve simplified the process of buying, creating and airing a cable television advertisement-

  1. Along with your media partner, you’ll set a timeline for when you want your TV advertisements to run. On average it takes 20-30 days from the first conversation until your commercial airs.
  2. Then you will establish the goals of the campaign that will be the basis of the plan your media partner puts together. They’ll ask things like who you want to reach, and optimal time to reach them.
  3. Using the plan, your media partner and supporting team will select the optimal networks and programs that align with your target customer.
  4. Your media team will create the story and solidify the vision for that perfect commercial that clearly states your message.
  5. The next step is to establish how best to utilize your budget. The team will recommend an investment mix to reach your audience a specific number of times while also paying close attention to maximizing the production value of your commercial.
  6. From here, the production team takes over and brings the creative vision to life. It’s here where two-way communication is key through the process. And it can be as simple as adding a voice over to still images, to a full offsite shoot.
  7. Finally, it’s time to air the commercial and allow your message to reach the intended audience. Your media team will remain in constant contact with you advising of recommended adjustments along the way.
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