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08.11.2015 Cox Media

Marketing tips designed for the furniture businesses of 2015.

Reaching your target audience with messaging specific to their needs is the key to success for your furniture store. The following articles spotlight furniture industry insights to help you maximize your marketing efforts in the coming months. 

To Pin or Not To Pin – In 2015, It Isn’t Even a Question
Pinterest is the top traffic source to retailer websites and plays a significant role toward purchase intent, which means more customers for you. Discover how Pinterest can drive awareness and sales for your furniture business. 

CASE STUDY: Modern Furniture Store Finds a Home on Cable
Do you want to generate awareness and attract new customers to your furniture store?  The key is to deliver the right message to the right audience. Read this furniture store’s marketing success story on how to implement a multi-platform campaign that drives sales. 

Marketing and the Millennial Mindset 
Millennials are spending $600 billion annually, and that number will increase to over $1.4 trillion in the next five years. How will you reach this influential group of consumers? By tailoring your marketing messages to their mindset. Learn how to adapt your messaging in this article.  

Insights from Google’s Deep Dive into the Home Furniture Shopping Journey
By 2018, 70% of furniture purchases will involve the web. What does this mean for you? It is critical to take advantage of the pre-purchase furniture research conducted online. Absorb the online behavior insights your furniture business needs to understand to succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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