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08.12.2015 Cox Media

Must-use real estate marketing tips to give you the edge over your competition.

An adaptable marketing strategy is vital to the success of your real estate business. The tips in the following articles will help you meet the evolving needs of your customers and take your marketing plan to the next level. 

Real Estate Social Media: 6 Reasons to Use Instagram
Instagram can reach over 300 million users while maintaining a personal connection. Even better, it’s popular with Millennials—the generation that will soon become the largest group of home buyers. Read on to find out how you can start using Instagram today to enhance the way you share listings and engage with prospective home buyers. 

5 Online Marketing Techniques of Successful Real Estate Agencies 
Consumers these days turn to the internet before making almost any decision. Online information gathering is even more critical to making larger purchases like real estate. These online marketing techniques will help your business stand out when consumers start looking for their real estate partner. 

CASE STUDY: Real Estate Firm’s Open House Approach Creates 50% Increase in Sales 
Having trouble communicating your value proposition? Every real estate company has something special to offer. Read this real estate company’s marketing success story to see how they made it happen.

10 Ways Millennials are Changing the Real Estate Business
Millennials will surpass Generation X this year as the group purchasing the largest number of homes. Are you prepared to capture these connected consumers? This article breaks down the Millennial home buying behaviors and preferences that will impact your business in the coming months. 

From Social Networks to Market Networks
Market networks combine the utility of “marketplaces” like eBay with the communities of “networks” like LinkedIn. One of the most established market networks, DotLoop, helps real estate agents and their clients do $30 billion in transactions every month.

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