Local Entertainment Venue Targets Competition and Drives Results

10.15.2018 Cox Media

Client Success: Advertising for Entertainment Videos

Local Entertainment Venue Targets Competition and Drives Results

A local client who owns a laser tag park wanted to build brand awareness and draw attention to promotional offers, specifically targeting consumers that not only frequently visited the laser tag park, but other similar entertainment venues in the market. 

Using Cox Media’s mobile solutions, we created a campaign that geo-targeted the client’s competition and then retargeted ads to the same people who had visited the client’s competition for 30 days. We also structured the campaign to only target the back-end of the week when customer use was the highest. This strategy proved to be successful, and we added a second campaign to target college students – a new segment of customer the client had seen some growth in – with a special College Night promotion. In addition, our local production team created a captivating commercial spot for the Television component of their campaign.

The campaign resulted in more than 1.4 million impressions being served with more than seven thousand clicks. The combined success of both core and digital has resulted in additional brand awareness, foot traffic, and revenue for the client. additional revenue to the budget and the client seeing steady results.

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