Marketing Ideas for Roofing Companies During Hurricane Season

09.03.2020 Cox Media

When hurricanes make landfall, they can leave sweeping paths of destruction that includes the roofing on many homes. Hurricane-force winds can tear shingles off of homes, while the torrential rain brought by these storms can enter these openings and soak into the home’s frame and interior.

A quick repair response is essential to help homeowners minimize the damage stemming from their compromised roof. As a result, roofing companies are in high demand during hurricane season—but with competition for business fierce in local markets, there’s plenty of legwork to be done to claim as many customers as possible in your service area. Here are a few tips to help your business stand out from the crowd.


The aftermath of a storm is too late to be building up your brand among your customers. Long before a hurricane strikes, residents are busy planning out their emergency response, and even developing plans for who they will contact to repair any damage to their home.

It’s important to establish your brand’s reputation and familiarity year-round to cement your status as a go-to resource. Through TV, radio and other forms of advertising, you can highlight your role in addressing hurricane damage for residents in years’ past. Other ads can highlight simple one-stop form submissions that residents can use to request an estimate or other repair services for their home.

A multi-channel ad strategy can help you elevate your roofing business in your local area. A year-round emphasis on advertising will keep your business top-of-mind among your target audience.


When local customers go searching for a roofing company, they’re likely to turn to a Google search to quickly find a business that can help. Optimize your website and blog content for search engines ahead of time, creating keyword strategies around common phrases like “hurricane roof repair” and “hurricane roof replacement.” You should also consider long-tail keywords and location-based optimization to strengthen your page rank in your local area.

Use paid search (SEM) to place your website at the top of the page for these relevant keyword searches. And make sure your Google My Business listing is optimized with the right phone number, hours of operation, website address, and other key information—this will be a widely used resource by residents looking for help.


For property owners, the process of addressing hurricane damage can be confusing and anxiety-provoking. In addition to the personal challenges your customers may be facing, they’re also racing the clock to line up repair services as quickly as possible. In many cases, they’re also trying to navigate a confusing insurance claim process as they seek compensation to cover the cost of these repairs.

An experienced roofing company can set itself apart by highlighting its role in helping customers navigate the insurance claims process. Some potential roofing clients may be in situations where their insurance company is trying to cut corners on coverage, or where adjusters are looking for reasons to decline coverage for a roof. Your business can provide immeasurable value to your customers by getting involved in these communications and keeping insurers honest as they appraise damage and try to negotiate on coverage.

Promote this service in your advertising to demonstrate the value you offer your customers.


Once the storm has passed, social media should become one of your top advertising channels to engage with local customers. As local residents go onto Facebook and other social networks to share updates with their friends and seek out solutions to urgent problems, your business should be active on social media by posting informative updates, offering no-cost appraisal and emergency response services, and encouraging residents to share your posts to spread the word among their neighbors.

A mix of organic and paid social content will help you drive organic engagement while also using paid ad targeting to deliver ads to a relevant, local population likely facing a great need for roofing services.


In the wake of a hurricane’s destructive path, residents are looking for reliable services and support during a period of crisis. Roofing companies can play a part in this immediate response, providing prompt attention and expertise that brings a stabilizing presence to their customers in-need.

No matter how organized your on-the-ground response may be, you also need a coordinated advertising plan to communicate with your local audience. But you don’t have to develop this strategy on your own—contact us today to see how we can help.

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