Power of Branded TV Content v. Other Media

CAB’s latest Cable Nation report highlights the strength of branded TV content and how to compete with Newspapers, Radio and Magazines by showcasing Television’s strength against each medium.

Key Highlights from report 
•    Digital video has grown but represents only a nominal share of total video time. 
       o    TV dominants over 90% of total video time among both young and old.
       o    TV’s investment into its programming continues to climb – another $200 Billion projected in                 the next four years.
•    Newspaper circulation on a steep decline 
       o    Online readership is down double digits among A13-54.
       o    Online revenue is not covering print ad losses.  For every digital dollar gained, 15 print dollars               lost.
       o    TV offers around the clock premium news outlets.
       o    Newspapers have a modest call to action whereas TV drives viewers online and to purchase                   goods.
•    Radio cumes have shrunk – down across the board 
       o    Time spent with radio on a steady decline…Consumers spend 2X the time with TV than                             listening to the radio.
       o    Online radio listernership is down double digits among A13-49.
•    Magazine subscription and sales are down 
       o    Time spent with magazine on a decline – down 35% and represents a nominal share                                     compared to time spent with TV.
       o    Ad revenue projected to decline 15% in next 4 years.

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