NFL Football (2022 Season)

06.10.2022 Jessica Sloan3 min

From its extended 17-game regular season to its massive audience for the Super Bowl, the NFL stronghold on the American sports landscape has made it one of the biggest events to target with branded advertising campaigns.

The 2021 season ended on a strong note, averaging more than 17 million viewers for each regular-season game—the league’s largest TV and digital audience since 2015. The league’s Super Bowl in February, meanwhile, drew more than 112 million viewers around the globe—also the league’s largest audience since 2015—making it one of the most-watched TV events in the world.

Although few businesses can afford the multi-million-dollar ad slots available for the league’s championship game, there are many opportunities to build a digital advertising strategy around affordable, cost-effective ad campaigns connected to the upcoming NFL season. Smaller businesses can maximize the value of these campaigns by planning ahead and working with Cox Media’s advertising experts to identify valuable inventories and build a strategy optimized for greater ROI.

Don’t wait until the season’s kickoff to plan your ad campaigns—contact us today to get started.

2022 NFL Schedule:

  • Start of NFL Preseason: August 4, 2022 on ESPN, FOX and more
  • Start of NFL Regular Season: September 8, 2022 on NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN
  • Start of NFL Playoffs: January 14, 2023 on CBS, FOX and ESPN
  • Super Bowl LVII: February 12, 2023 on FOX
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