Retail: The Perfect Marketing Mix Puts Brick-and-Mortar Retail Sales in the Bag

10.16.2017 Cox Media

Local Retail Store Advertising

Did you know, 90% of shoppers frequent small businesses at least once a week? As a retailer, this is important on so many fronts, especially with new powerful local advertising tools that have essentially leveled the playing field against your large big box competitors. 

This is why Cox Media brings you the “Advertise Smarter in 2017” graphic for local retail (see below). It’s designed to help you understand how different customers may find you today, but also gives insight as to how your competitors may reach them while they are in your store. Take a moment and scroll through – everything you see below is meant for even the smallest of local retailers looking to get more business (today!), with a few great ideas to help get you started. There are a few stats that could be the difference in getting more shoppers from the 90% stat above to stop by and become profitable lifetime customers.


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