SEO & Finding Your Brand’s Keywords, Part 2: Implementation

02.28.2023 Nick Zinkie3 min

Last week, we introduced the idea of finding the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords for your brand. Now that you have a solid list of keywords that you can rank well for, where do you implement them in your strategy?

Let’s start with the areas you should be adding your brand’s keywords right away.

The obvious answer is your website, but there are actually several areas throughout your site that can benefit your rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when you strategically add keywords to them:

These are all areas on your site that search engines like Google crawl and leverage when choosing which pages to highlight in their results. However, the ultimate goal of a search platform is to serve answers the questions being asked in the most user-friendly way possible.

Google continues to leverage site content in different ways as they strive to be more user-friendly and engaging by adding new feature snippets to their platform. Here are some of the current snippets you can get featured in:

Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph Snippets are quick answers to questions pulled from the body copy of a website that appear at the top of Google. Adding content to a post or page on your site that answers the keyword phrase you want to rank for in a concise way is the ideal way to compete for this spot.

Google paragraph snippets example

List Snippets

List Snippets are generally, generated for site pages that explain a step-by-step process or include a list of options. Google will crawl your post or page and build these lists based on the intent behind the searchers question. To boost your chances of ranking for this spot you need to set up your body copy in a clear instruction-based formatting.

Google list snippets example

Video Snippets

Video Snippets are short and often instructive videos in a “how to” format that show at the top of Google in place of a text snippet. Posting a video on your website and YouTube in relation to a question your audience may have on a brand keyword or phrase you want to rank for will give you a change to compete for this snippet spot.

Google video snippets example

Image Packs

Image Packs are a grouping of images typically from a few different sites that show at the top of a Google search page. These appear when Google finds the intent behind a search to likely be helped by an image. If you want to win a spot in an Image Pack for a keyword or phrase, then you should create an image forward post or page on your site around that topic.

Google image pack example

All of this means the bulk of your content effort should be spent interweaving your brand’s keywords with answers to commonly asked questions by your target demographic. But to get the most bang for your investment it would be wise to build media rich content with images and videos to improve your change of ranking for your brand’s keywords higher in the SERPs.

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