Client Success: Strategic, Consistent Cable Advertising Plan Creates Brand Awareness for Local Auto Dealership

12.24.2016 Cox Media

Wichita, Kansas


Schofield Honda is one of the most well-known auto dealerships in Kansas and one of the most successful Honda dealerships in the country. They constantly strive to stay top-of-mind in the community, and their partnership with Cox Media has been essential in maintaining that awareness.


As Schofield transitioned to a new agency, they wanted to maintain their strong advertising presence throughout Wichita. Their partners at 360ideas worked diligently with Cox Media to create a highly targeted and effective campaign to maximize audience reach for Schofield. This involved reallocating a portion of their advertising spend to create a consistent, highly targeted campaign. Julie Martin, from 360ideas, emphasized the importance of an advertising strategy integrating both cable TV and online to maximize their efforts – “We know our most-likely-to-buy-now customer is looking for us online. But we need the TV exposure to keep moving customers down the funnel.  Honestly, putting all our TV dollars in cable was obvious.”


Consistency is key for brand awareness and with Cox Media’s research capabilities and targeted cable solutions, we created a strategic plan for Schofield that placed them in front of the right customer at the right time.  Cable advertising paired perfectly with their agency’s digital and outdoor strategy to help Schofield maintain top-of-mind awareness with their customers. Cox Media helps them fine tune their advertising mix to get the most out of their investment. They expressed that their “cable presence is definitely a part of that successful mix of having a great product, customer-focused business leaders and solid online and offline marketing strategies.”

In addition to assisting with creating a targeted advertising solution, Cox Media provided well-produced, high-quality TV commercials for Schofield that never strayed from the dealership’s image. One customer felt compelled to submit the following compliment to the Honda dealership: “I am writing to you to let you know I really appreciate your wonderful TV commercials. Your commercials are professional quality — others could learn a great deal from you.   Keep up the good work!”


As a result, Cox Media remains to be a partner for both 360Ideas and Schofield Honda, providing our resources and expertise to create the most effective television campaigns throughout the year. The dealership continues to outperform national goals as they implement their campaign. They have been very happy with their partnership with Cox Media, as expressed by Julie Martin of 360ideas. “There is a lot of trust in our partnership [with Cox Media],” Julie states. “Cox is helping us keep Schofield front-and-center with these great automobile products. Cable is an integral part of our marketing mix and it would affect sales if we pulled it.”

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