The Power of Zoning

08.27.2019 Cox Media

The Power of Zoning

How to Advertise on TV in Just Part of Your City Instead of Buying it All 

Are you a local business that draws most of your customers from several miles around your business?

You may have considered TV advertising with your local broadcast affiliates like ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX only to find out you have to purchase a huge coverage area, which includes a large number of residences and non-customers who will never entertain your offer. Although this may be great for a national or regional company, it’s not exactly optimal for the local retailer, restaurant or home services company who have a specific audience in mind.

The good news is, the broadcast affiliates aren’t the only game in town when it comes to the local TV ad buy. The advertising division of your local cable company (like Cox Media) covers the majority of the other networks you’re likely spending time watching – like ESPN, Fox News, CNN, USA, TNT, and FX (plus so many more). Additionally, you may be able to advertise during top-rated programming on those popular networks but in specific targeted parts of your city called zones. Zones allow your business to choose those pocket areas where your customers are – and not waste your ad buy on audiences who won’t generate a return for your purchase.

So, how do you buy TV advertising by zone?

Step 1: Contact the advertising branch of your local cable TV provider. We at Cox Media provide cable coverage in several markets – click here to explore our coverage across the US.

Step 2: Ask for a zone map. Zone maps will show you the parts of the city you can target to locally insert your ad and reach your true audience.

Step 3: Ask questions. Have your local contact describe the typical residents of the zone you are interested in, as well as the neighboring zones. Don’t rule out zones on the fringe of where you believe you draw business from, you may find serving your ads to those bordering locations just as beneficial for your business.

Step 4: Set up a meeting with your media consultant. During this time, let them know what your goals are and who your typical and/or ideal customer is. They’ll provide you with a few options to help you achieve your advertising objectives, including available networks that are included in your specified zones.

Step 5: Ask how you can leverage TV with other media options. Your local provider likely offers additional digital media opportunities such as social media, video pre-roll or mobile advertising. Use these avenues to turn consistent TV branding messages into a cohesive customer driving campaign – no matter where your audience is consuming TV content.

Step 6: Enjoy the positive results!

And if you’re like most consumers who believe TV is too expensive, or immediately assume the cost of a Super Bowl ad is the comparable norm – check out our myth-busting blog that reveals the true cost of a television commercial (the sample price package will definitely surprise you).

The ability to zone a TV ad buy, the affordability, and ability to hone in on very specific audiences are just some of the things that makes cable TV advertising a superior option for any local business. Contact Cox Media to get started with someone local to your market.

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