The Pulse on Programming: April 2024 Preview

03.12.2024 Jessica Sloan4 min

As the winter chill fades away and the days grow longer, television networks are gearing up to release a fresh wave of exciting spring programming that is sure to captivate audiences. From gripping dramas to educational nature experiences (narrated by a Marvel favorite), there is something for every audience – and every advertiser. Get ready to immerse yourself (and your brand) in the upcoming spring television lineup.

From dynamic new series to returning favorites, here are three of the top premieres in April 2024.

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Exciting Spring Programming for Reaching TV Audiences

Welcome to Wrexham – Returning Series

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds run Wrexham Football Club as they try to create an underdog story the world can root for. From Hollywood to Wales, the docuseries tracks their crash course in ownership and the interwoven fates of a team and a town.

Attracting a key demographic of adults 18-49, this eight-episode returning series is sure to be popular among soccer fans and casual viewers alike.

2. Secrets of the Octopus – New Series

National Geographic announced that it has tapped actor Paul Rudd to narrate the third installment of its Emmy-winning “Secrets Of… ” franchise, Secrets of the Octopus, which will uncover the secret lives of one of the most alien-like animals on the planet. 

With 48% of National Geographic viewers watching 10+ hours of cable TV per week, this is sure to be a star in the spring programming lineup.

3. American Horror Story – Returning Season

American Horror Story returns for its 12th season on April 3 at 10 PM ET. With its blend of horror, mystery, and dark fantasy, American Horror Story has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring fan theories, conventions, and spin-offs. The show’s unique format allows for endless storytelling possibilities, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats season after season.

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