The Pulse on Programming: July 2024 Preview

06.11.2024 Jessica Sloan5 min

As the summer sun shines high, television enthusiasts and advertisers alike eagerly anticipate a sizzling lineup of summer TV shows set to grace their screens in July. With the midsummer month just around the corner, anticipation builds for a wave of fresh series and the return of beloved favorites. These hotly anticipated summer TV shows promise to draw in sizable audiences, providing advertisers with a prime opportunity to connect with diverse and targeted demographics. Join us as we shine a spotlight on three must-watch premieres scheduled for July 2024.

Remember: even if inventory for these specific shows are “sold out”, we offer a wide range of additional TV programming that can be used to reach your intended audience. Connect with Cox Media’s experts to learn more about the following, as well as additional programming opportunities available.

Must-Watch Summer TV Shows

Shark Week – Annual Stunt

Premiere Date: July 7-14


Shark Week, the much-anticipated annual television event, captivates audiences around the globe with its thrilling and educational programming centered around one of the ocean’s most formidable predators. Each year, viewers dive into a week-long celebration of all things shark-related, featuring jaw-dropping documentaries, groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and heart-pounding shark encounters. With record-breaking ratings in recent years and the draw of highly engaged audiences, this annual stunt is a can’t-miss advertising opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned marine enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the waters of shark fascination, Shark Week delivers an unforgettable journey into the depths of these fascinating creatures’ world.

Bobby’s Triple Threat – Returning Series

Premiere Date: July 9 | 9/8c

Food Network

Audiences tuning in to “Bobby’s Triple Threat” are in for a culinary thrill ride as they watch renowned chef Bobby Flay guide aspiring chefs through a series of intense cooking challenges. Each episode showcases three talented contestants battling it out in a high-energy kitchen arena, where creativity, skill, and speed are put to the test. The stakes are high, with competitors striving to impress not only Bobby but also a rotating panel of celebrity guest judges, aiming for the prize of $25,000. With its dynamic format and Flay’s charismatic presence, the show offers viewers an exciting blend of competition, innovation, and mouth-watering dishes that keep them eagerly coming back for more.

Snowpiercer – Returning Series

Premiere Date: July 21 | 9/8c


The highly anticipated final season of Snowpiercer is slated to debut on July 21, promising fans a thrilling conclusion to this dystopian saga. Set over seven years into a frozen apocalypse, Snowpiercer zooms in on the survivors who inhabit a colossal, perpetually moving train traversing the globe’s icy terrain. Within this microcosm on rails, social hierarchies clash, secrets unravel, and alliances shift as the struggle for power and survival reaches its climax. With tensions mounting and revelations looming, the stakes have never been higher aboard the Snowpiercer.

No matter what they’re watching, Cox Media can help connect you to your ideal customers across cable television and streaming services. We’ll be back next month with a preview of exciting August premieres, but in the meantime, you can check out all programming opportunities here.

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