The Pulse on Programming: June 2024 Preview

05.09.2024 Jessica Sloan4 min

As the summer season approaches, television enthusiasts have much to look forward to with a fresh lineup of programming set to captivate audiences. June 2024 promises an exciting mix of both new and returning shows that provide great summer TV advertising opportunities. Popular shows like these attract large audiences and present opportunities for advertisers to reach a wide and often targeted demographics. In this blog post, we’ll highlight three key shows premiering in June 2024, giving you all the details you need to update your watchlist and plan your viewing (and advertising) schedule accordingly.

Remember: even if inventory for these specific shows are “sold out”, we offer a wide range of additional TV programming that can be used to reach your intended audience. Connect with Cox Media’s experts to learn more about the following, as well as additional programming options available.

Summer TV Advertising Opportunities

Below Deck Mediterranean – Returning Series

Premiere Date: June 3 | 9/8c

“Below Deck Mediterranean” is set to sail once again as it returns to Bravo for its thrilling ninth season. Fans of the luxury yacht reality series can anticipate a fresh wave of drama, picturesque European destinations, and a new dynamic among the crew. As the stakes continue to rise with each charter, viewers will be treated to an inside look at the complexities of yacht life and the interpersonal challenges that come with it. With a network demographic of adults 18-49 and 42% of Bravo viewers watching 10+ hours of Cable TV per week, this is a great addition to the list of summer TV advertising opportunities.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up – New Series

Premiere Date: June 3 | 9/8c

“Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up” picks up immediately from the days before her release from prison on December 28th of last year. The series follows Gypsy as she experiences life as a free woman, including reconnecting with family and finally living with her husband Ryan Anderson for the first time. This eight-episode series will air on Lifetime in early June and is geared toward an audience of women 25-54.

The Lazarus Project – Returning Series

Premiere Date: June 9 | 9/8c

The Lazarus Project is set to make a thrilling comeback on TNT, promising fans an exciting blend of suspense and speculative storytelling. This series, known for its gripping narrative about a world where death can be undone through mysterious means, captivates viewers with its unique take on life, mortality, and second chances. As the characters navigate through complex moral dilemmas and high-stakes scenarios, the return of The Lazarus Project on TNT is eagerly awaited by its dedicated fanbase, primarily in line with the TNT network demographic of adults 18-49.

No matter what their watching, Cox Media can help connect you to your ideal customers across cable television and streaming services. We’ll be back next month with a preview of exciting July premieres, but in the meantime, you can check out all programming opportunities here.

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