The Pulse on Programming: September 2023 Preview

08.03.2023 Jessica Sloan3 min

Welcome back to our monthly programming spotlight! We know that, as a local business owner, it’s imperative for you to reach your target audience now more than ever.

That is why we have put together a monthly preview highlighting three cable programs that represent exciting advertising opportunities for local businesses. We’ve rounded up information on show premiere dates, audience demographics and data, and other relevant information to inform your media buys and your overall cable TV advertising strategy.

From star-studded live events to the return of beloved TV franchises and series, September is loaded with exciting local television programming that has proven its ability to draw a big audience. Whether planning media buys around the most-watched televised events or niche programming that serves a devoted audience, television advertising can help you build brand awareness among a targeted local audience.

And remember: even if inventory for these specific shows are “sold out”, we offer a wide range of additional programming that can be used to reach your intended audience. Connect with Cox Media’s experts to learn more about the following television advertising opportunities, as well as additional programming that can help you connect with local consumers.

Here are three big television programming opportunities for September:

1. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – New Series

A new story is coming from the universe of “The Walking Dead”—and AMC is betting that fans of the franchise will be eager to watch. “The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon” follows Daryl’s journey in a post-apocalyptic world as he washes ashore in France and tries to piece together how he got there—and, even more importantly, why.

Daryl’s journey home across the French landscape will take place across a six-episode season, debuting September 10 at 9/8c on AMC and streaming on the AMC+ app. With AMC’s strong following among adults ages 25 to 54—as well as the sustained audience drawn by other breakout stories from “The Walking Dead” universe—businesses targeting this age demographic may want to explore their ad buy options around this TV drama.

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2. 2023 MTV Video Music Awards – Award Show

Eager to plan your media buys around one of the most-watched TV events of the fall cable slate? The MTV Video Music Awards might fit the bill. Airing on September 12 and 8/7c, this annual award show—along with related red-carpet programming and on-air replays—is dedicated to celebrating the past year in music.

Incredible live performances, special tributes, and a star-studded audience will turn this one-night event into a major TV destination for younger audiences and music lovers of any age. After last year’s strong VMA ratings, which saw viewership rise over the prior year’s installment, MTV is hoping to build on that momentum and beat the 3.9 million viewers averaged across all of its cable channels and streaming outlets.

With a core audience among men and women ages 12 to 34, the MTV Video Music Awards can be a great local programming option for businesses catering to young consumers. Invest in these ad opportunities before it’s too late.

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3. Welcome to Wrexham – Returning Series

One of the biggest underdog stories in modern sports is back for a second season. After its breakout premiere in 2022, the critically acclaimed “Welcome to Wrexham” returns to FX on September 12 at 10/9c.

The show centers around actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, who have partnered to own and operate the Wrexham Football Club in Wrexham, Wales. As they try to return the downtrodden football club to its glory days of old, the documentary series gives fans an intimate look at the team, its players, and the high-stakes ambitions affecting both the football club and the town it calls home.

With episodes aired on cable and made available for streaming on Hulu, “Welcome to Wrexham” appeals to a broad audience and can be a great outlet for delivering ads to your target audience.

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