Top 5 Must-Reads: Weekly Round-Up – 10.2.2015

10.02.2015 Anne Marie Hodgson

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From a new easy-to-use, free content creation tool to the increasing influence of Generation Z (Ages 12-24), here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising and local business related content you may have missed this week:


1. Listening to Your Customers: A Kind of Different Intent Data (Click Z)

Successful marketing campaigns must be based on what your customers are doing, but more importantly, who your customers are. In today’s world, digital advertising is more personal than ever, but customers want to be served more than just relevant ads. They want to be heard. This article outlines how to build brand trust by creating ads as part of an ongoing conversation. 


2. What is Canva and How Do I Use it For My Business? (Small Business Trends)

Canva, an online content creation tool, allows you to create almost any type of content, all for free. Yes, that’s right. FREE. Design anything from an ad, to a social media post, to a marketing flyer in a few simple steps, with no design skills needed. Creating engaging content has never been so easy. Learn how to use Canva in this article


3. Back to Basics: How Social Media Changes the Game for Businesses (Hootsuite)

Two-way communication goes further than learning what your customers like. Social media allows you to ask your customers feedback and include them in the conversation, building brand  trust. With social media, your business can reach specific niche markets and vastly improve your targeting abilities. If you are still unsure on why social media is a must, go back to the basics of why social media helps your business in this article by Hootsuite.


4.  Gen Zers are Revolutionizing Our Marketing Landscape. Here’s How They Want to be Treated (Entrepreneur)

While the Millennial generation is still a critical audience, there’s a new  generation that should be in the front of everyone’s mind: Generation Z. This group of 12 to 24 will soon contribute $44 billion annually to the economy. What’s most important to them? Being “culture collaborators.” They like to co-create with companies and brands. This article outlines other areas of importance to this powerful generation. 


5. Consumers More Likely to Trust TV Ads Than Online Video & Search Ads (Marketing Land)

As we’ve mentioned the past couple weeks, TV advertising is still king. In a recent Nielsen study, 63% of consumers either completely or somewhat trust TV ads. What topped the list with TV as the most trusted ad formats? Recommendations from friends and family, branded websites, and opinions posted online. This article outlines the full list of trust in advertising by traditional and online/mobile formats.


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