Top 5 Must-Reads: Weekly Round-Up – 9.18.2015

09.18.2015 Anne Marie Hodgson

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From the proven importance of Instagram for your business to harnessing the power of TV advertising for beginning your customer’s journey, here is a quick round-up of the best marketing, advertising and local business related content you may have missed this week:


1. TV, Radio Commercials Trigger Digital Research (eMarketer)

TV advertising is still king when it comes to driving further action with your consumers. After viewing a TV/Radio commercial, 62% of adults research the advertised product online. Nearly half of “second-screeners” use their laptop to shop online while watching TV. Learn how TV advertising creates great awareness among your consumers. 


2. Programmatic Helps Brands Make the Most of Micro-Moments (Think With Google)

Micro-moments, defined as intent-driven moments when consumers’ preferences are shaped and decisions are made, provide an ideal opportunity to win with your consumers. Programmatic advertising allows your business to reach the right person with the right message at the right micro-moment. Learn how to take advantage of programmatic advertising with these 4 tips from Google.


3.  6 Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Collateral to Quickly Engage Audiences (Marketing Profs)

In today’s world, where the average attention span of an adult shrank to 8 seconds, engaging a consumer during the their journey with your company is harder than ever; however, creating enticing marketing materials doesn’t have to be a daunting task. These 6 tips from Marketing Profs will spice up every part of your marketing plan, from creating catchy visuals to integrating animation. Capture your consumers right at the beginning!


4.  Want to Attract Links to Your Website? Try These 8 Data-Driven Tips (Hubspot)

How do you increase inbound links to your website? Create engaging content. How do you create engaging content? To name one way, use data-driven content. It generates 283% more backlinks than content that isn’t data driven. Check out this infographic for more ways to create the perfect “link magnet.” 


5. A Long List of Instagram Statistics and Facts (That Prove Its Importance) (Hootsuite)

If your business is not on Instagram, now is the time to create an account. With 300 million active monthly users who share an average of 70 million photos per day, this social network boasts not just a large base, but also highly active users. On top of that, Instagram’s per follower engagement rate for top brands is 58% higher than on Facebook and 120% higher than on Twitter. Still not convinced? Read this list of Instagram facts that prove its importance. 


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