TVE 2.0: Advertising Opportunities for Your Small Business

11.04.2020 Mary Guo

You might already be familiar with the advertising options available through the TV Everywhere (TVE) solution, which gives your business flexibility in reaching over-the-top viewing audiences alongside traditional TV viewership. But new updates to TVE—both on the viewer’s side, and in terms of business advertising opportunities—are worth taking time to familiarize yourself with.

Evolving consumer behaviors around their TV/OTT video consumption are also creating new opportunities for businesses to improve their audience targeting and their ability to connect with a relevant consumer group. Here’s a look at these recent changes, and how your business can use them to improve your overall advertising strategy.


TVE’s list of ad supported streaming services have grown over the past year. In conjunction with overall increases in consumer viewership, audiences are looking beyond Netflix and the like to additional streaming services, including ad supported platforms like Philo, Tubi and Crunchyroll. This expands your options when choosing where and how to target your audience.

Unlike non-ad supported OTT services like Netflix and Hulu, these streaming services can offer a direct line to your audience. And while they might have smaller active user bases than some of the leading streaming services, these up-and-coming platforms still have plenty of value to offer: Crunchyroll currently has more than three million subscribers, while Tubi has more than 25 million active users.

Keep in mind, too, that the user bases for ad supported OTT services also include users who subscribe to Netflix or Hulu: 46 percent of U.S. broadband households subscribe to at least two of these services, so those non-ad supported audiences are still within reach through TVE.


The vast majority of TV advertisers dedicate their ad budgets to either traditional TV or over-the-top options—choosing one while ignoring the other. Only 11 percent of businesses run integrated campaigns that deliver ads across both platforms.

But this often leads to businesses ignoring a segment of their customer base—and failing to match their advertising to the viewing behaviors of their audience. Fifty percent of TV audiences view streaming as a supplement to TV, rather than a replacement. Your business can use these viewership trends to your advantage by using your increased options to experiment with different platforms and marketing mixes to see what drives the best ad engagement results for your business.

At the same time, you can expand your opportunities to engage with your audience while also making it easier to generate multiple interactions with consumers. It’s not just streaming platforms, either: TV Everywhere can deliver advertisements across network TV apps, Cox partner apps, video-on-demand, the Cox Contour app, and TV-like websites.

These diverse options give you the ability to optimize your strategy over time, taking insights from your ad performance to potentially achieve better results in the future.


TVE’s broad array of viewing experiences and content channels give businesses excellent options when choosing where and how to engage an audience. But TVE’s access to consumer data, along with other targeting tools, takes these ad opportunities even further.

Advertisers can also use a behavioral audience extension that takes consumer behavioral data and delivers ads to consumers who fit a certain profile—thereby ensuring that you’re only paying for ad exposures to relevant, high-value audience members.

TV Everywhere hasn’t just expanded its scope and choices for Cox customers. As content offerings have grown, your business now has access to more diverse and targeted ad capabilities than ever before.

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In her role as Product Marketing Manager, Mary helps brings the Cox Media product portfolio to life. She has a passion for marketing and uses her skills to produce client focused strategies that brings together traditional television and digital media. She understands consumer and market trends in the media landscape that helps create actionable insights that will help business, large and small, stay ahead of the game.

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