What You Can Learn About Advertising From The 2018 FIFA World Cup

06.20.2018 Dan Glicksman

What You Can Learn About Advertising From The World Cup

Avoid a Marketing Red Card with these Advertising Tips for Local Businesses Inspired by The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing! And similar to any competitive sports event, your advertising plan is bound to be filled with thrills and unfortunately maybe a few spills. Staying in theme, here’s a few things you should be mindful of when creating your local advertising plan…



To most casual soccer fans, offsides can be one of the trickiest rules to figure out. You may have appeared to score a goal on a perfectly set up play, only to have the whistle blown because you didn’t realize you were slightly behind the defense. How you buy your online display advertising can be much like this. Sure, you think you are ahead of your competition because the price looks better than anywhere else. And the clicks to your ads are showing great promise. But what you don’t notice are the robots on the other end clicking those ads to make the metrics look great… falsifying your results and pointing you to buy another campaign. Or, maybe the ads are running in places you’d never want them to. When the play resumes, seek out a partner with valuable data to direct you to “place here, not there”. Choose someone who understands your locality and knows what safe online ad placement means for your brand and can assist you when it comes to achieving your true advertising goals. (And by the way – those robots won’t get a spending allowance to buy from you after they click.)


You may think you created that perfect look and feel for your business by creating a video entirely on your mobile phone, with filming and editing your video through mobile applications meant for Social Media. But placing the clip on your website to greet new users may result in a yellow card if the production value doesn’t entice a potential client. Don’t forget, first impressions matter and often you get one shot to make a connection with new potential clients. Don’t be afraid to turn to a professional video production specialist, as they are often the ultimate story tellers. Choose someone who can create an emotional connection between you and your audience. And if you assume a great video shoot includes a boatload of money, best boy, dolly grips and a crew of 50 – that’s a second yellow card for you and a disqualification from the next match! Assume nothing and find out some of your options here.


You assume your business is too small to be on TV because you think it costs something like a Super Bowl ad, or that you have to run your commercial in the entire city, or production is way too expensive. WHISTLE – STOP PLAY! Not checking with your local cable provider about the ability to place your ad in smaller localized areas can get your business ejected from competing with other local businesses like yours. Ask your local cable provider about rates on great networks like ESPN, CNN, FOX News, USA, TNT, BET, VH1 and many more – you may be surprised to find out that cable TV advertising is more local than you think.


You may find your entire advertising campaign on the ground writhing in pain from a bad tackle if you don’t make an attempt to connect with your customer across multiple screens. Statistics say the average person spends over 10 hours of their day looking at screens, whether it’s TV, computers, or mobile devices. So break out that magic spray (I still wonder what the trainers put in that stuff), brush off the grass and dirt from your jersey and get your campaign back up to full speed by checking with your local cable advertising department (like Cox Media) about different avenues you can utilize to reach your customers on the screen they are watching. Don’t wait until the end of the game to try and make up for time wasted when you could be using targeted local research to find out how to best reach your customers.

If you feel like your business may not be coming out on top due to a few yellow cards or offsides calls, give Cox Media a call – a media consultant will be happy to discuss your business GOOOOAAAAALLLS! (See what I did there?)


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