Why Programmatic TV Is More Mainstream Than You Think

05.20.2015 Tube Mogul3 min

Believe it or not, programmatic—once limited to digital ad buying—has successfully crossed over into the realm of TV. During this year’s Oscars broadcast, DigitasLBIused programmatic software for the first time to purchase local ads across nine markets. Mondelez made a similarly monumental programmatic buy at this year’s Super Bowl for Oreos and Ritz.

Because programmatic automates what used to be a time-consuming, manual process for advertisers, it’s being embraced by more and more of the industry’s big players. Programmatic buying of TV ads:

1.  Allows for changes to ad creative to be made in a day, instead of it taking weeks

2.  Gives TV advertisers more control over specific networks

3.  Provides buying opportunities across a massive inventory of networks, cable companies and local broadcasters

4.  Incorporates data from Nielsen and other trusted data providers for highly specific targeting based on granular demographic data such as educational level, children in household, home ownership status, automobile preferences, pet ownership, etc.

All of this is why agencies and advertisers like DigitasLBI and Mondelez have seized the opportunity to make smarter, more informed buys with programmatic. And programmatic is well on its way to mainstream TV adoption.

Source: AdWeek

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