2024 Professional Wrestling Schedule

04.03.2024 Jessica Sloan3 min

Professional wrestling may be more theater than professional sport, but its popularity as a televised and in-person event can’t be ignored. In recent years, professional wrestling has seen a surge in popularity as new fans have been tuning in and checking out a number of fast-rising upstart brands to compete with WWE’s dominance.

Cable TV channels and streaming providers are making aggressive moves to secure TV rights deals for these events, and the current TV calendar is set up to offer a professional wrestling event six days a week throughout the calendar year.

WWE’s official merger with UFC in 2023 only strengthened wrestling’s future as a must-watch TV destination for sports fans. But WWE isn’t the only professional wrestling brand to watch: AEW, Impact and New Japan all offer weekly televised wrestling events that may offer more cost-effective ad inventories all targeted to the same audience.

Small businesses should explore the advertising opportunities available through these weekly televised wrestling events. From cable TV and streaming ads to second-screen campaigns on social media, Cox Media’s advertising experts can identify valuable inventories and digital ad strategies that fit your company’s advertising goals.

2024 professional wrestling schedule (all events televised weekly):

  • Mondays: WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network
  • Tuesdays: WWE NXT on USA Network
  • Wednesdays: AEW Dynamite on TBS
  • Thursdays: Impact Wrestling on AXS TV; WWE Main Event on Hulu
  • Fridays: WWE Smackdown on FOX; WWE NXT: Level Up on Peacock; AEW Rampage on TNT
  • Saturdays: AEW Collison on TNT

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