4 Top Marketing Insights from 2015

01.14.2016 Cox Media3 min

This Year’s Biggest Trends and What They Mean for Your Business

What was the most impactful marketing trend of 2015?

Over the course of the year, we’ve discussed everything from mobile marketing and search engine optimization to assessing your business’ marketing budget and more. But which of these insights proved most impactful?

Well, there is no one correct answer. The reality is, the impact of marketing looks different for each local business – there is no single trend that is all-impacting.

However, we’ve researched what our clients have told us about advertising their businesses this year, and encourage you to use these resources to make the most of your business’ marketing plan as we move into 2016. We’ve gathered the top four marketing insights for local businesses in 2015 to help you get started:

1. The Sports Marketing Coach [Interactive Planning Tool]

Sports marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach engaged consumers. Select the best specific audiences for your business, and this interactive tool will highlight which sports are most likely to deliver your target consumers. Don’t miss the resources at the bottom of the page – our 2016 Sports Planning Calendar was the most helpful resource from this campaign.

2. The Importance of Creative [Cox Media Blog]

Similar to the impact of marketing, the budget for marketing and advertising can vary significantly from one small business to another. However, taking a short cut on the investment in your advertising’s creative development may do more harm than good. Explore how to execute quality creative at three different levels (good, better and best) so you can put your brand’s best foot forward without breaking the bank.

3. Building Your Brand [eBook]

All good marketing stems from having a solid brand. Each of these seven videos takes a deep dive into a specific aspect of building your brand – from discerning between relationship and transactional messaging to seeing your business through your customers’ eyes. Determine your brand’s growth opportunities and watch the video (or videos) that apply to you.

4. Retaining Holiday Customers [Checklist]

Holiday shoppers are like gold to businesses. However, while the holiday season is important, keeping customers loyal year-round is most beneficial for your business in the long run. Discover eight ideas from industry experts to consider as we move into the new year, action steps included.

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Happy holidays and best of luck in 2016.

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